Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mike is gone…but for 58 days…


This really was a different kind of good-bye today. Jim came with us today, the first ever, and it really was awesome. He took us out for breakfast at Cabala's which used to have a wonderful breakfast buffet but now just a grill but we still have a good lunch and conversation. We made it to the airport and where I usually go in and sit with Mike and one time even got a gate pass to go with him until boarding, we dropped him off at the front doors. IT WAS HARD!!! I thought since I knew Mike is coming home in 58 days this wouldn’t be as difficult, well I was wrong and I cried and cried. It was just as hard as the first time, more so since I was leaving my son at the front door of an international airport. And then after he gets his boarding pass and all, they tell him his plane is an hour late, which makes it so he won’t be making his connecting flight in Denver. UGH!!! Want to make for a panicky mama. Damn those airplanes. He’s still not home, but he is being taken care of. He talked to customer service and they have him on the next flight to Cheyenne at 6:50 and he should be home by 10:00 or so. However he heard that yesterday all the flights to Cheyenne were cancelled because they got lots and lots of snow so now he’s worried about getting to his suburban and getting to drive the hour drive back to Laramie. However, for all this mess that’s going on, they are giving him a $50.00 rebate on his next flight which will make getting him home for his 21st birthday just that more easier. I have saved $200.00 for this flight and the tickets are going for $320 or so this should help me get them just a bit faster. So we’ll just keep hoping and praying this flight works out, when he gets to his suburban it’s been snowplowed to so he can clean it off, lock in the 4-wheel drive and head home safely.

Mike had some concerns about his 21st birthday. As much as he loves the fact he’ll be able to have a drink legally he just didn’t want to spend his 21st birthday with a bunch of college students looking for a reason to get hammered. He’s not a drinker, though he will have something at a party once in awhile even though it’s not legal yet. He wanted to have his first legal drink here at home with his dad and I. So for his birthday I am flying him home one more time before he graduates in April. There’s also the hidden agenda of the mama not having to wait 4 months to see Mike again.


My guy.


100_0675 100_0673

Mike and Scott this past week trying to go sledding. We borrowed two snowmobiles from a daycare parent and like most sledding experiences we’ve had you ride for a couple of hours, you work on the sled for 30 minutes and repeat and repeat and repeat.

So that’s that my friend. I’m missing Mike but will survive and keep counting down the days until he’s home again. And then it will be 60 more days until graduations. I will be driving out for that in April to watch him graduate and my nephew will be coming too and on the way home we will take Scott to Mount Rushmore, the black hills and I am hoping we can see the Terri Redlin museum.

But 1st, the 58 days now.



Deanna Printy said...

58 days is doable..... I hate dropping the kids at the door too. But thatis what we do. Prayers for safety....hoping he is home already

E. Jane said...

Happy New Year, and blessings to you and your family. Keep on catching those rays of sun, and maybe we can get together this year!

Betty W said...

You can do it Julie!! Sorry for the stressful flight home he had to have, but I think it will help him grow.
Blessings to you!

upinthecosmos said...

Sounds like some good quality family time was had, too bad he had to deal with all the hassel getting back to school. It's almost all done, you'll all make it through:-)

Empty Nester said...

I gotta tell ya girl, it NEVER gets easier to drop them off at the airport. For some reason, dropping them off there is harder than saying goodbye to the ones who can drive home. I think it's because when they fly that means they're really far from home. I don't know. But that's one thing that starts hard and never gets easier. Sorry. I get to have mine home in March and April so that's something to look forward to. Our youngest graduates in May! The last one- whew! :)

Baby Sister said...

Oh, I can't even imagine how hard that would be. But you did it, good job. :)

So, if it's 58, why does his countdown say 99?

Baby Sister said...

Never mind, I think I got it. :)