Monday, January 21, 2013

It’s really cold this morning….

I am out the door in 5 minutes, usually I’m already in my bus but today am subbing for someone else because my school has the day off. It’s –25* out there this morning. I have my thermals on and have my boots on the heater ready to put on and go. But first…..

I wanted to wish you a great day. It can be day 1, day 30, day 130 or more but it can be and will be a great day. I had my SF breakfast drink and some yogurt with blueberries. I will be fixing chicken breasts for dinner with a salad and lunch …. well it’s not planned and yes I know it should be but I’m not sure if I’m even home for it today so we’ll just see. I also have at last 12 miles I’m going to ride on the bike this afternoon. Since I’m subbing I’m done at 4:00 so am going to go then to the gym and hope that it’s not a busy time. I keep varying my times at the gym looking for the best time to go. There’s a 30 minute limit on the equipment when it’s busy and for me to get in 12 miles or better I need an hour so we’ll just see what’s possible.

So I’m out the door. Take care my friends and have an awesome day. Blessings to you all.


Michele said...

It was only -10 here this morning. But that is still cold.

Nice work on getting in 12 miles on the bike! Nice way to fit everything into your busy day.

spunkysuzi said...

It was pretty cold here today but I managed to get 2 hours of walking in! Hope you got the bike ride in you wanted :)

Sunshine's Heart said...

Julie, you are doing so well. I couldn't possibly keep up with your pace. I hope you really see some progress for your efforts this week. Hugs.

Baby Sister said...

We've been getting down into the negatives here for the last few weeks, but definitely not that low. I hope you warm up soon!!