Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Just –16* now…..

And I did 18 miles in a bit over an hour on the bike this morning. Got my 1st bus run done, cleaning done and made it home for lunch. 2 scrambled eggs with a peppers and a slice of cheese and 3 lite sausages. Dessert was blueberries and banana. Oh and of course a glass of 1% milk. Not to high in anything and very filling and now in 15 minutes heading out the door for bus run 2.

I don’t think I’ll be increasing my mileage on the bike for a bit. 18 miles was really pushing it and my feet and butt went numb. I’m not sure if it’s the recumbent bike I rode or the settings but it was hard to move when my time was up. It is so much easier on my knee though then the usual bike so maybe will have to fuss a bit with the settings. I don’t ride on the easiest setting level, I do 3 and 4 which on the screen looks to be about 1/3 level to full. It took my all to do this and I was a hot sweaty mess when done which when it’s –28* and I have to go out to a cold car and do a safety check and get into a cold bus probably isn’t the wises thing but I did change into dry clothes and my long john’s.

Well I just wanted to check in, tell you not to worry….I did get lunch and I am going to look into a thermos for soup. Or I’m just going to show up at Kim’s house and beg for a sandwich or something. I’ve got to tell you guys, Kim is a life saver. She’s such a dear friend, puts up with me when my bus runs are to close together to go home but to far apart to just sit and wait. She has crafts we work on, ideas to pass around and she feeds me. Oh there’s so much more about Kim that makes her a dear friend but these are a quick highlight. Want to see a woman that has more crafting abilities in her left freckle then I do in my whole body, check out her blog.

Okay, time to pee and get out there and freeze. Take care my friends and stay warm or if you have warm weather, think of me and send a warm thought or two. Blessings!!


Caron said...

You are amazing with all the things you do and in such COLD weather. I fuss when we have temperatures in the 30's. Shame on me. Altogether though, this sounds like a good day. :)

Kim said...

You. Are. Funny!

Baby Sister said...

Hmmm, sounds like nummy food!! I hope YOU can stay warm, Julie. Sooo cold!!

Sunshine's Heart said...

JUlie, The exercise is doing you good. I need to find my treadmill key and get back at it. You sound so up and positive. This is what I need. Hang in there but don't forget to rest some. You are pushing yourself very hard. Hugs.

gracies tough journey said...

lol, isn't it always time to pee? You go girlfriend! Gracie