Saturday, January 19, 2013

Oh so tired and feeling like crap…

So this was the week from …. well can’t say hell because it was a good week but it was beyond manageable. I did get lots done for others and even took care of my own house but today am feeling so tired and have a headache that is knocking me off my feet. And my stupid left calf, I just don’t understand why that thing has to bother me every single day and the doctors can’t find a reason why. It’s tender and throbbing today.

I finished up my laps at the gym, 100 laps did and done. Now is the 112 miles. Yesterday I did 12 miles in 58 minutes. Not sure if that’s a good time or not but I just took a steady pace and kept going. I downloaded an audio book and found that it was a perfect companion for bike riding, that is as long as I didn’t look at the TV and read what was being said at the same time. DUH!!!

I did not lose an ounce this week. I didn’t stick to the plan either. Between 30 hours in the bus, 10 hours of cleaning the lodge, 8 hours of daycare, 3 hours of scout meetings, helping at the farm and being there for my grandma and parents I just didn’t stick to any plan of eating, I sorta just ate when I could. I know better and this week I am planning according to the ads at the grocery store. Fruit is on sale, 2/$5.00 so I’m getting some blueberries and blackberries and hoping for raspberries too. I need some onions and chicken breast and oatmeal and milk. It seems planning a menu and then sticking to it is worse than swimming those laps or getting the bike riding I oh so love … NOT… did and done. Maybe if I just have all the good stuff available and when I open the fridge it’ll be there to pick and fix. I’m working on it.

Today is just going to be a nothing day. I slept in, going to town for a short run with Jim and then back home to take a nap. I did get the coal fire cleaned up and started again and the chickens taken care of. Got 18 eggs so am going to boil some of those up too. Shower did and done, so for today I’m thinking that’s enough.

I put the sweater machine back into it’s box. No matter what I did it just kept dropping stitches. It’s not under the bed yet, maybe give it one more try when things slow down but for now am just going to bring out my sewing machine and make a pair of nighty pants. Thought I don’t wear them to bed I do lounge in them in the evenings so need a new pair that’s soft and warm.

I hope that this week was good for you all. I hope nothing happened you couldn’t handle. I tried to stop by a few of you but know I didn’t make it to everyone so maybe tonight I’ll get to stop by a few more. Take care and take time to relax and enjoy your weekend. They are just way to short if you ask me.

Blessings my friends!!


Sunshine's Heart said...

Busy here too, Julie. It is crazy with red tape and paperwork. So many recerts at one time. I don't do nearly as much work as you do but it is still a pain in the butt. Hang in there.We will both get through the hassle and get back on plan. I know we will. We just need a little freedom from the rest of life.

Angela Pea said...

Ah Julie, I'm so sorry you had a rough week!

Kim said...

I'm glad your cutting.out "evening pants", can't wait and am dreading our sewing adventure next week...!

Angela Pea said...

You have a lot on your plate, so cut yourself some slack! I wish I could have offered some advice on the knitting machine, but I don't have a clue...I knit the old fashioned slow way! Do get some rest and enjoy those new lounge pants.

Ronalee said...

What a busy week you had. I hope that you are enjoying a nice quiet weekend.
I enjoy your updates and I plan to start leaving you more comments so that you know I've been here.

take care

Sarah G said...

Hope next week is better!

Baby Sister said...

Healthy eating is something I always have to work on as well. I hope you're feeling better!!