Monday, October 29, 2012

What can you make with…

A broken ornament 100_0517, a bag of left over beads 100_0514, about 12” of not so health tinsel 100_0516, a mini roll of bronze wire 100_0502, a old dead mini tree100_0513, a bowl of kids beads100_0504, and the center to numerous rolls of calculator tape  100_0503?

You spend hours making this….

 100_0508  100_0510

I really don’t know who’s going to want this recycled wreath but I’ll try and sell it out our craft show this coming Saturday. I think it’s pretty cool and really Sally and Jim both like it. We’ll just see.

I’ve also been doing some beading….this is one of two necklace/earring sets I make and about 6 other bracelets.


I have been driving bus. Lots and lots of bus. I even worked Sunday by taking the volleyball team to Williams Arena to watch some professional players. It was an awesome trip. Today was my am/pm route plus an activity to Brainerd for bowling. Tomorrow I have daycare between am/pm route. I’m hoping to butcher some chickens Wednesday between the am/pm thing and an activity in the early afternoon. Thursday Brenda (my BFF and beading partner) is coming between runs so that we are ready for our show on Saturday. Friday is three bus runs and Saturday our show. It’s a go-go week but things will be settling down soon enough so I’m not worried and I’ll be sure to get my rest in and eat as best as I can. I am finding it super hard to get all my water in since you can’t pee in the bus or even beside it with the kids and cameras so I’m limited but I’m trying my best. I do need to eat better, this weekend was like a free for all. Jim had a great dinner for me fix and ready when I got home, he likes cheese, butter and lots of ham so I ate it and enjoyed it all. Today my parents came up to be with me between runs and activities and took me out for lunch, chicken and potato and a huge salad…not bad but it wasn’t a grilled chicken (they didn’t offer that and this was the special). So tomorrow is another day to just give it my best.

I have been worrying about Allan, Pam, Jill and Sally and anyone else on the east coast. I am praying for them all and hoping for the best. I know about flooding, we did that this summer so I sure understand what comes after the storm.

Take care my friends and have an awesome week. I’ll try and get back but I don’t know. I do stop and see many of you through-out the week when I can and I am amazed at you all. Such wonderful caring people! Blessings!!


Baby Sister said...

I think the wreath is awesome!! I hope you sell it. And the jewelry is pretty as well. :) Sounds like a very busy week!! I hope after your show is over you can rest a little bit. Good luck with your show and the rest of the week!!

deanna said...

:) love your bead work. I just heard from the last of my east coast family and friends. All fared well; only my nephew is without power, but everyone is safe. Prayers answered here. I will keep praying for the many others touched by this storm.

Sunshine's Heart said...

Just stopping in to say hello, Julie. I'm glad to read that you are doing okay. It sounds as though you are very busy but I know you prefer it to be that way. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Jill said...

Love your wreath and beads! Just beautiful! Thanks for keeping my family in your thoughts through the storm. I really appreciate that. Have you ever read the Eat Clean books by Tosco Reno? You can probably find them at your local library. Se has great tips for eating clean all the time and on the go. Are you able to carry a small cooler with you for waters and healthy food throughout the day? Good luck Sat. Hope all goes well.
Have a great weekend!