Saturday, October 13, 2012

Time….not nearly enough in a day, week….

Wow, it’s Saturday already and it has really been a busy week. Lots of driving, lots of doing and some great experiences.

First I’ll share out fire safety, fire trucks with the kindergartners. We took 4 classes students for a ride. 2-3 students get to ride up front with Jim and I, in each truck, and push the siren button and make as much noise as possible. Smokey Bear was there too so he got in one of the pictures and moved around with the kids. It was a great time and our 15th year of doing it. We are not positive we’ll do it again next year because each year the trucks are harder to get started and moving but I also can’t see us quitting either. Here check out the pictures:


First meet our fire trucks. The first one is Palisades old 1949 pumper truck. The other is McGregor's old truck, it’s a 1961.



This is the first two classes. We take them about 8 blocks to the park switch out the 2-3 riding in the truck and go another 8 blocks back to the school. They get to see what’s in the compartments, they get to feel a fireman’s suit and we give out fire chief helmets so they all become fireman/ladies for the day. The little lady by the Palisade truck is Abby. She’s one of my special daycare kids that I’ve had from 4 weeks old. They have grown up riding and now helping with the kids on the truck. This fire truck is special because her jumpa (grandpa) use to drive this when he was a fireman.

An update on my sister. She is out of the hospital and moving around. I am no expert but I sure wish a doctor would answer all the questions with real answers. I wish that an insurance company can’t rule how long a person is in the hospital. Such as Cindy was in last Saturday-Wednesday and then just 20 hours later she was back in so deathly sick they put her in ICU for 5 days and then kick her out again so now she’s home but not doing great. I expect she’ll be back in a few days unless God performs another miracles for her. Keep praying if you will, we sure are.

My bus driving has been an awesome experience. This bus load of kids are all littler ones. I’m use to mixed ones where the older kids help with the younger ones. Well they have a ways to go before they understand bus safety but I’m working on it. The prior two drivers just drove the bus, didn’t look in the mirror, didn’t interact with the students so they really don’t have a clue how to ride safely and properly. We are starting with assigned seats which they really are happy about. It’s like they needed to know exactly where they would be for the ride to and from and who they are riding with each day. The difference from one evening to the next evening with the assigned seats was like night and day. There are still some modifications I need to do on some of them but a great big plus. I have also promised treats for Halloween if everyone can at least try their best. I sat down in the mist of them and explained what I wanted, I know they are not perfect and neither am I and that I know they are kids and they have to misbehave sometimes, it’s just a given but I asked them to try their best and if, if it all works out greatly they will be rewarded.

I made it to my gym 4 times this week. 2 times for a really good work out and 2 times for an awesome walk on the trail. Next week I will be a bit lax at getting there but not because I want too, just because it won’t be possible. On Monday I have my am route and then I am taking the Tennis girls to Duluth for their state sections. On Tuesday and Wednesday I work the other school district and it’s just to far to drive between the two so will be sure I get out and walk/jog at home. Thursday and Friday is MEA and I will have daycare from 6am-8pm each day and well I know very well I won’t get there. That will leave the weekend which I am sure will be filled with stuff that didn’t get done during the week. But the following week I will be on regular hours and routes and will get my butt a moving. I didn’t lose any weight this week either, in fact gained 8 oz but for me it my TOM so expected some so hopefully I can get rid of it after next week when the darn thing goes away.

Mike, now that kid has finally found his home he is happy. It took him 6 months to get into this college thing but now, my goodness, is he happy and enjoying himself. Most of it has to do with his teachers talking to him and telling him his future looks awesome that he is one of the best students there. The rest is he finally has a job of sorts, it’s all volunteering but it’s so good for him. He’s working for the Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historic Site working as a tour guide for the Ghost Tours. If you click on the link it will take you to a news article about the tours. They also have a facebook page if you want to check it out. Today was a homecoming parade and Mike volunteered to be part of the tours float. He sent me some pictures I’ll share with you.

 2012-10-13_09-45-37_690  2012-10-13_09-28-00_890

Mike as an undertaker and his friend King as a “don’t be a chicken”.


Their float.

Mike went up into the mountains last weekend. As you can see they already have some snow and it’s been quite chilly there. Well the mountains are beautiful. He sent me some pictures on a flash drive so I can share them with you.

2012-10-06_13-08-28_174 2012-10-06_12-57-29_982

 2012-10-06_12-57-35_992 2012-10-06_13-00-33_786

 2012-10-06_13-00-51_487 2012-10-06_13-01-24_620


My Guy. My most handsome, smart, wonderful, caring, wonderful son. Oh god am I proud of him!!!

So there my friends is my week. I also made up the last batch of tomatoes into 2 gallons of chili. We worked outside getting ready for winter. I need to clean out the chicken coop and butcher about a dozen chickens (which if I could just make them dead it would be so easy but I have the worlds worse time killing things). We have to get a couple loads of coal and then I think winter can really come and we’ll be ready.

I will be back next weekend if not before. I have a couple crafts I’ve been working on and want to share, however I didn’t download one yet and the other I have the materials, I just need to get to it.

Take care my friends. I wish you all the best week possible. God bless you all.


Empty Nester said...

I just love catching up with you. There's never a dull moment in your world! Mike looks great! AND happy! If they have to be away, it's good when they can be happy. Even if we're not. :) Love the firetrucks and the kids seem to have had a blast. And Smokey the Bear?! AWESOME! Sounds like you've got the bus kids on the right track. I'm working on getting the computer classes under better control. They are all good kids, they just think that every time we change activities, it's an invitation to start talking. I've got kindergarten - fifth grade. Kindergarten is just intervention so I only see about 550ish students each week. Ha! I've also been sick so my workouts have been nonexistent. Hopefully, I will be able to start them back up tomorrow! Have a great week! Hope it's not too cold up there! Will Mike be home for Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Jillian said...

You are one proud mama! Mike looks like he is having a great time, and he is in one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing those pictures with us. Your little bus riders are so lucky to have you in their lives; you seem like all you want to do is take care of other people! But make sure that you're taking the time to take care of you too. <3

deanna said...

Love hearing about Mike, I am so happy he is doing well. And your trip to see the fire trucks. You have a very cool job :)

Vickie said...

darlin' - I think as a paid employee, you might get into major trouble posting pictures of the kids. . .

Julie said...

Just an FYI, I'm not a paid employee of this school. And since I'm just a volunteer with our fire trucks no one has said it's wrong to show and tell. If there is a problem I can always delete. Just wanted to clear that up if anyone said anything.
Take care. Blessings!

Jill said...

Glad to hear Mike is settling in. I just love ghost tours and my oldest wants to go on one so bad. I've gone to the ones in Gettysburg, really neat!
I'll be praying for your sister I hope they can pinpoint what is wrong and help her.
These pictures are gorgeous Julie!!
Don't forget to make the time to take care of yourself!!


E. Jane said...

Hi Julie!
So glad you stopped by my blog, even though I'm not writing very often these days. You sound great, and I'm happy for your son--and for you. I know that I'm happiest when my kids are happy, and I don't think that will every change. Take care, wonderful lady! I hope to see you in person sometime soon.

Kim said...

Cool!!! So glad Mike is settling in!!!

Kim said...

Cool!!! So glad Mike is settling in!!!

Kim said...

Cool!!! So glad Mike is settling in!!!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

You are ever busy in such awesome stuff! Good job getting to the gym as often as you did. You sound like the best bus driver ever! Seriously, my kids have horror stories of their bus drivers. I love what a proud and sweet mom you are too! Your love comes through in your blog. :)

Thanks for checking up on me and posting a comment. It's good to catch up and see all your fabulous pics!! Take care!

God bless...

Baby Sister said...

I think it's so cool that you take the kids out in the fire trucks. What an awesome experience. I'm glad your sister is doing slightly better. I'll continue to keep her in my prayers. I'm glad Mike is enjoying himself!! Have a good weekend!!