Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pictures and thank you!

First the thank you. You guys made me feel so good after an idiot made me feel like dirt this week. Thank you for all your kind words. I really truly feel blessed to have such wonderful friends such as yourselves. THANK YOU!!!


Mike sent me this honey from Wyoming. Darn is it good. It tastes a bit like a wildberry syrup. The kids got to try it on Friday with their waffles and you should of heard the yummies.


I got there from our local thrift show. They are so cute and made a really cute Halloween setting on the table.


I made this out of a twig, silk leaves and black card stock. It really is cute and the bats float around in the breeze all day long.

 100_0451 100_0453 


Rachel didn’t have a costume so Mike loaned her his morph suit. It’s a test dummy and I think it would look even cooler if it was spattered with some fake blood (we didn’t though cuz afraid it would stain the white areas).





100_0473 100_0474

We carved pumpkins on Friday when all my wee ones were here. We had a blast and they turned out so cool. I let them decorate them with my paint pens. Rachel left hers here for me, it’s the one eating the baby one.


100_0478 100_0481 

I made these with paint chip cards, stamps, glitter and all kinds of yarn and string. I’m going to sell them my craft show for 2/$1.00. We have lots of kids that want something special for mama or grandma and I think this will work for that.

I also made these from .22 shell holders, epoxy, wood bottoms I cut on the skill saw, paint, some wire and some beads. I put in a battery operated candle because I’m not to sure I’d want even a tea light in there. They are sold already for $5.00 each. Kind of cool when someone likes them as I am making them.

 1020121612a 1020121628a 


And since last night I just got to relax and play on my computer I spent some time on pinterest and where ever it sent me from there and I found these and love them

395303_443970532315187_1522983010_n 62628251038320194_ybcJn4cS_c

I like this one the best. It goes so well with what went on this week. This one is for Mike. He’s just doing so awesome.

132856257728138455_CBMFec5m_c funny-all-the-things-meme-stick-figure

Even though I hate it when Jim says something about my period this made me laugh. I love it. And the last one, well it’s true for us all.


And last but not least I made this for my mama. It’s not dry here but it’s made with silk leaves, decoupage, glitter, jute and some beads. She loves it and it’s a perfect thing for her mantle.

As you can see this was a crafting weekend. I got lots of other stuff done too but I got to do some stuff I’ve been wanting to do. Now it’s time to work on some beading goodies for our upcoming craft show November 3rd.

So a new week has started and Jim and I worked outside most of today. It was beautiful and we are working on something that is one of the biggest surprises ever. Can’t share what it is but I can tell you when “he” gets it, there will be lots of tears and joy around.

Take care my friends. Blessings to you all.


Caron said...

What fun doing all those crafts. That was one thing my girls and I enjoyed so much when they were growing up. My youngest still makes things. My oldest writes and paints. I do none of the above. :)

gracies tough journey said...

I hope that idiot leaves you alone or they will have me to mess with. You are a true and blessed friend to me. Nobody better mess with you hun... God Bless

Lucy said...

Love those candleholders!

Oh, my gosh your crafting, if only, big sigh. I have never been able to carve a pumpkin, sad, I know but I still put them out.

I was sad to hear about your distressing email, weird,to say the least. I heard about it from Empty Nest. Glad to see you shook it right off and onward and upward!!!

Betty WSch. said...

You are so talented! Have a good week Julie!

Debsdailylife said...

Huckleberry honey!! !OH MY!!!!
I love surprises!! Cant wait til we can hear all about it!!!

Angela Pea said...

Ooooh.....I read your last post and that just makes me so MAD! If I could find out who it was, I'd slap them silly for being mean to you. So There.

I hear you on the empty nest. It's such a battle in my heart. I am so proud of my kids and thrilled that they have an opportunity to go away and learn and have that college experience, but then I miss them so much, and THEN I feel guilty for wanting them back home just for my own selfish self! I have been missing my girls so much this fall. It's not the same as when just Cherry Ames was gone - with both her AND Princess Pea away, I really feel like half my heart has gone missing. Yes, I love my sons, but I am missing some girly companionship at home. And the boys stink. Like really stink the way only teenage boys can. I swear I'm going to build them a hut in the yard.

The pumpkins are Wonderful!! What fun!

And money worries are for everyone, Julie. Mr. Pea and I both have great jobs, but we still worry. We have multiple kids in college and in Catholic schools, plus taking care of Mr. Pea's Mom, plus older vehicles that need tending, and a house that we've lived in for more than 21 years now that needs a lot of TLC and fixing up that will have to wait for a while because taking care of the kids' educations comes first. Time is on our side, though, and our kids will continue to grow and will be self-supporting in a couple more years. I have to remind myself that in the longer span of my entire life, these lean years are just a very short blip. I hang on every day, enjoy what we do have, pray a lot and trust that it will all be well.

The tampon fuse? = HILARIOUS!! Some days are just like that, aren't they?

Big hugs to you, my friend.

Jill said...

So many great things in this post! Love the pumpkins and crafts! Hope you are having a wonderful week!


Baby Sister said...

That honey looks so good!! And all of your crafty things are really cute!! That period ecard is hilarious. And very true sometimes. :)

Jo said...

Love the pics of your crafts!