Tuesday, October 2, 2012

FMT, or Friend making Tuesday

Allan has an exercise he wants us to do and since I’m part of his Double Dog Dare Challenge he has some questions to post and answer. Here are mine.
1) I am how many years old, weigh this much, and aspire to weigh this much.... I’m 50, my last weigh in was 192.2 and in the end, when I get there I want to weigh 170.
2) I am following a great plan, and this is what I do....I follow the plan that Allan has given us. On my own I stink so am learning as I go. I rejoined my gym and today was the first day back. 3 miles on the treadmill, 10 minutes on the elipitical and a few free weights. A start. I do walk/jog 4 days a week at home, 3-5 miles.
3) When faced with a decision of whether to eat something in moderation or abstain, I choose to....It’s easier to go without than trying to eat in moderation, I am no good at that.
4) I am employed as this, or I am not working but used to be this...I am a bus driver (5 days a week), a daycare mom (2 days a week), a jewelry designer (as often as I can fit it in my schedule), a cleaning lady (once a month), a gardener (3 days a week) and a cook (once a week).
5) I have pets, and they are, named....2 dogs, Wilbur a beagle and Scout a black lab/collie. And then there’s Monster Bobby the cat.
6) My favorite snack food is.... and I can eat this many of them....Reeses peanut butter cups….and more than I can ever afford. So that's why I abstain!

7) I blog because......To share and to have something to look back at and just see what was happening and what I have learned.
Okay Allan, I answered and now am curious as to what’s next. Now going to go read what others have said.


Beth said...

Over via Allan. Nice to meet you!

Chubby McGee said...

Haha! "Monster Bobby the cat." Cute!

Good job on your weight loss! Great work! The pics say a thousand words.

Ellecee said...

Thank you so much for dropping by Julie. You are an inspiration for sure. Congrats on your good work. Sounds like you are a busy lady. So nice to have met you :-)

Kim said...

:) I admire how you keep going with this! Remember back in the day when a diet couldn't last more than two days lol! Good job!

Baby Sister said...

Good for you Julie. It's nice to know a little bit more about you. :)