Monday, October 1, 2012

I’m not dead but I just can’t find the time….

right now, at this time and space to do a decent update. Life here has been hectic to say the least. With working for two districts I have been working 70+ hours a week but I am not complaining one little bit. I got my first paycheck and though even with putting in some long days it isn’t fantastic I have a job, it is paying the bills and just maybe once I get caught up I can buy a new pair of running shoes. That’s my goal, a new pair of New Balance or Nike running shoes, or even cross trainers. But for now, just getting caught up after a month without a paycheck will be awesome.

I didn’t spend every single waking moment in the bus but close. We did go fishing yesterday (and I caught 17 bluegill and pumpkin seed sunfish) and had fish for supper. I did take my mama for a cart ride to enjoy the sunshine and the fall colors and I did manage to sleep 10 hours. I have done some more tomato canning, some apple sauce and a crisp for Jim. I have cleaned out the garden and am still watering my flowers that are really almost dead but not quite. I am watering the neighbors trees until the water freezes in the hose and I can’t do it any more. We have started fall clean up and have a free pile of bikes, scooters and skateboards at the end of my driveway. 100_0316

I did not lose a single ounce this past week. With almost no exercise there was no way I could. I did do something for me, I rejoined my gym. Now I can get back to where I need to be in-between my bus runs. The gym is 5 blocks from work so no extra miles to run around getting there. I re-lost 12 lbs in September so am aiming for another great loss this month. If I do this then I can start counting my loss again since I’ll be back to where I was a year ago and heading into new territory.


I will check in when I can, when I have something worthy of sharing. I so have appreciate each and everyone of you that have followed me this past year with all the ups and downs of my new jobs, the empty nest, the relosing and relearning. I couldn’t of even made it with the peace of mind I have without you all.

Now I have some beautiful pictures to leave you with. Blessings my friend!

100_0408 100_0323


 100_0343 100_0351

 100_0365 100_0374

 100_0386 100_0394

 100_0395 100_0402

 100_0403 100_0407


BeckyAnne said...

Thank you for the lovely pictures. My parents lived in that area for nearly 30 years (I graduated from Brainerd High) and now that they live full-time in Arizona I have no reason to visit. I miss the lakes.

Even when you give a short update that you may think has not very much content, your blog takes me home to Minnesota for a moment, and I love it.

Caron said...

I am so glad you checked in with us busy lady. Love your pictures. I just want to hug your dogs as they look so sweet in the pictures. Of course, you deserve a hug too. :)

Sarah G said...

I am so glad to here you are in better spirits these days and things are working out for you!!!

deanna said...

Beautiful pictures. Thank you. So glad things are going well.

The Ninja said...

Great snaps, and thanks for the update. I am glad you are doing well in the new job, are the kids nice? I always worry about you and my little girl because of the stories about kids being snotty on the bus.

Take care of yourself.

Baby Sister said...

At least when you're so busy the time goes by fast until you see Mike again. :) I'm glad you get some you time, and some breathing room. And that you're able to pay the bills again. That's always nice. Thanks for the update!!