Saturday, October 20, 2012

I am suppose to be out visiting Mike…

I’m not and I am as sad as can be. I am suppose to be visiting, touching, hugging, loving and spoiling him and here I am stuck in Minnesota because Wyoming is so far away and it takes so much money to get there and I don’t have it. Not even close. I don’t get to see Mike tell Christmas, do you know that is still so very far away?

Some e-mailed me the other day, of course not being nice, and said some rude and mean things about having an empty nest and complaining about. About getting a new job but not having money. About being on a weight loss journey and still being on it. It was a rude and mean letter and it hurt my feeling really bad. Right now my feelings are really crushable and he/she/it did it just fine. I’m telling you this why? I don’t know really, I suppose cuz I share with you and I’m betting whomever it was that sent me the letter will read this and do it again however it won’t get to be, they are blocked (I know, different address it can come).

My empty nest is hard for me and I am sure it will get easier some day but it hasn’t yet. But I can quit complaining about it, I suppose. My new job, it is a great new job. I live in the sticks and where this job pays good for here, for even 100 miles south it’s $10-15 less an hour. I have Mike’s student loan payment, house payment, insurance, gas, food, electric, and a stupid credit card and just like everyone else much more and stretching our little money is hard but saving is impossible. One day maybe, just not now. My diet, well I’m trying and learning and succeeding, just not quickly like some, very slowly I am getting to a healthy weight. My life isn’t easy but it sure isn’t bad, it’s just a struggle at times but I really don’t complain, I didn’t think so anyway.

This week my sister is feeling better, YEAH!!, This week my mom’s only sister had a bad heart attack but will be okay, Boo/Yeah!! Went to the cities on Thursday, took my mama and daddy to see her, YEAH!!! This week I had daycare for a day, oh how I have missed these kids, YEAH/Sad!! This week I subbed for the driver that had cancer, read had? It’s all gone, he’s going to be driving his bus and loving his kids for a long time still, YEAH!!! My grandma is in Florida…she’s 95 and got on a plane and is visiting family there, DOUBLE YEAH!!! My diet, I lost 6 lbs this week but only 5 of them count since one is another repeat pound, YEAH!!! Got a ways to go, BOO!!! Life is most awesome with some struggles along the way, YEAH!!! God didn’t say this would be easy but doable, I’m doing, YEAH!!!

This is my life, this may be at times not exactly what I had envisioned but you know what? It’s a great and awesome life and really I wouldn’t trade it for a million other lives. I am so proud of Mike, you know something else, He aced his finals, a 100% in diesel engines. He has perfect attendance and a 93% grade point average. I can see a bunch of companies wanting my boy in their businesses doing exactly what he wants to do. Close to home?, probably not but hopefully in this state or the surrounding ones but if someone thinks he’s great enough to want him far away, I will stand here giving him my blessings and being the most proud mama in the world because I did what I was suppose to do, his daddy and I did what we were suppose to do, we raised a wonderful, awesome, brilliant, and most handsome young man to follow his dreams. I can miss him, that’s my job. I can help when I can, I can hold when possible, I can be here when he needs me and I will survive, I just don’t have to smile inside every single moment of the day because I’m the mama and I love Mike with all my heart and soul.

Okay, that’s enough for today, I’m running out of kleenex this morning. Mean people stay away, nice people are welcomed. Any and all advise is welcomed and I so love reading what you all have been up too and have to say.

Take care my friends and have a most blessed weekend. My will be busy as usual. Please keep my family in your prayers, Cindy continues to need them, my aunt Pat needs the strength to heal and I will pray for each and everyone of you. Blessings my friend!


Betty WSch. said...

I don't know what "these mean people" get out of writing such mean letters. If they don't agree with how you live your life, why are they reading. Why bother writing? It's beyond me. Sorry you got such a letter. All I can say is, delete it and don't give it another thought.
You are doing so good on your weight loss. 5 lbs!! That's awesome!
And that last paragraph on you giving your blessings to Mike, wherever he will find a job is really touching. And so "grown up". I'm sure he will like reading that and feel your support.
Have a good weekend, my friend!!

Sarah G said...

I hate that someone felt the need to jump your case because of your personal feelings regarding your personal life. Screw 'em. Sending positive thoughts for you and your whole family!

Empty Nester said...

It always sucks when the only was someone can feel better about themselves is by being mean to others. You know, Julie, this is YOUR blog and you can write about whatever you want to write about. If someone doesn't like it, they don't have to read it. It's just that simple. Remember, this person is not someone you know. Just ignore it. There are many people out there who have a very difficult time with the empty nest- especially during the first year or two (or, on my case, three) and there are many of us out there who are still trying to lose the weight but haven't. And you are certainly not the only one out there who is struggling financially. We are too. And we have many of the same things you do- including not being able to save. Try not to pay attention to someone who can only feel good about him/herself by striking out negatively at others. They just aren't worth it. Hugs!!!!

Jo said...

This makes me furious but can't express it on phone. Pay no attention Julie to someone who will not give name!

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

Julie, I'm so sorry someone wrote you such a mean email when you're both struggling with a variety of feelings -- missing Mike so much as well as being so justifiably proud of him, worried about your dear aunt, trying to lose weight and just to get by like the rest of us. You're really doing so wonderfully -- lost so much weight this week, have a great new job and a son who is smart, loving and independent. You've really done well in life. How dare some coward who hides behind anonymity say mean and nasty things to you? I hope the fact that you have so many people admiring you and cheering you on helps!

Michele said...

You have a great deal of courage where as that person is a coward.

Excellent news about Mike's success in school! Be very proud of him, he deserves it.

Nice work on shedding 6 pounds, Julie.

Caron said...

You can change your blog so that you approve every comment that comes your way but it sounds as if they sent you email. None of us really know what others we read are facing and going through. If we walked in your shoes, we'd most likely wish to have our own problems back.

Hang in there, Julie. You're a great lady and you're doing just fine it seems to me. Hugs. :)

Jhona O. said...

Goodness...I think you are doing so well! I hope that you remember all that you have and still are accomplishing. It sounds like you have a wonderful son and a wonderful group of supportive friends. Focus on those people and throw that letter in the rubbish where it belongs!!! Keep on keepin' on:) God bless you!

Kim said...

Grrr, that wasn't nice to send a mean email, did u reply?

deanna said...

I have heard of others getting mean and hateful emails from fellow blog readers and all I have to say is SHAME ON THEM! what? why would anyone be mean? ENCOURAGEMENT people!

This is YOUR blog. if we can't be encouraging to you. we can read someone else blog.

I love that you miss your child. What kind of mom would you be if you did not? I miss my son in Co. terribly!!! And I still have children at home. I can't imagine what it would be like without them to drive me crazy :)

Money is tight for a lot of us.

And family's get sick and we pray and worry.

You are doing just great. Don't ever change.

Debsdailylife said...

{{{{{{Julie}}}}}}} Hugs hugs hugs!! Unfortunately people who are hurting (youre emailer) often hurt other people. I dont know why, its human nature. My dad always says, hurt people hurt people.
Thats so awesome that Mike is doing so wonderfully!!
Prayers for your sister!! AND for you!!

Baby Sister said...

Oh I hate that people can be jerks sometimes. I am so sorry Julie!! You are doing the best that you can with what you are given and you are doing awesome!! Just ignore them. Good job on your weight loss!! That's so exciting!! And good job to Mike!! That is awesome!! I'm glad your sister is doing better, and that your mom's sister will be okay. :)