Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Starting over…again…

So you know what I’ve learned from June to August? That I’m not to smart. Nope, not even close. I thought since I had learned how to lose weight, how to exercise, how to fix food, what to eat and what not too that I could handle maintenance with no problems at all. How wrong I was, how very wrong I was. I didn’t bother stepping on the scale, I quit logging my food and I really slowed down on my exercise. Mostly because summer is busy and “I knew what I was doing”. Well I did say I’m not healthy wealthy and wise, I did say I’m learning. So with all of that I am starting over, again.

Starting September 1st I am back to losing, exercising and logging my food and learning. I have my membership back for the gym so the exercise part will take care of itself because I know that I can’t afford the $45.00 a month membership but if I go 12 times a month my insurance pays $25.00 of that and that leaves me the rest I can handle. So a minimum of 3 times a week I’ll be at the gym. I also talked to Kim and Brenda and both said they’d help me with Joss so I could even go during the day once in awhile on the days I drive bus in the evenings. So no excuses there. Food wise, well with Allan’s help I’ll get back to eating the right stuff to lose the weight I’ve gained back plus I’ve set a new goal for myself. Because I’ve also joined Mir with a quest to fit into the perfect Christmas dress I need to get into the 150’s. Now that means I need to lose 10 lbs a month (guessing how much I gained back yet?). I haven’t made into my wedding dress comfortable either so maybe if I do this I can fit into both. Now that would be a cool Christmas gift to Jim, wearing two of the dresses he bought me 30+ years ago. Oh I know that sounds weird for anyone that buys new things or wants new things but you know styles come back and I have always hoped to wear them again.

So today I am getting organized. Yesterday after my bus stuff I went grocery shopping and picked up a few things just for me to eat. I’ll log back into my fitnesspal and reset that to the beginning. I’ll set up a gadget to remind me every day that I have work today and I’ll get my frame of mind back to where it needs to be.

I don’t have to weigh in with Mir until the 11th so I’m going to take this time to try and lose a bit of what I’ve gained back so I don’t have to share my horrible maintenance that didn’t work. I know it’ll still be high, did you know you can gain back an amazing amount of weight when you don’t think about things? I worked so hard to lose my 60 lbs and now I have to redo some of that and a bit more to get into the 150’s. It’ll happen, I know it will because I did it before and I can do it again. I have a poem that helps me through the tough days and there will be tons of those ahead because I’m going to start missing all the goodies I’ve been eating and enjoying but the poems says:

Just for today, I will stay on my diet;
Just for today, I will answer the call;
Just for today, I will drink all my water;
Just for today, I will give it my all!!

So today I’ll prepare. Today is also day 2 of my 5K in 100 days, hopefully it quits raining but no matter what I’m walking. I told Brad I will do this, I will be accountable, I will learn to run and enjoy it. I WILL!!! The same with losing the weight, I WILL!!!

I hope all is well with you all. I hope that life is treating you fairly and wonderfully and that you are learning something new each and everyday. Take care my friends. Blessing to you all!!


Caron said...

I have spent a large portion of my life doing what you've done. I'd lose and gain it back and then do it again. Glad you have a plan to get back on track. :)

Kalei's Best Friend said...

Julie, remember awhile back I told you, the trick is to make this a way of life... It has to be that way.. Also, you have to figure out why you go off that diet- its not just because it may be work to keep you on it.. From what I have heard from others, the food is not the issue- its something else that triggers you to eat and its not just because one loves chocolate or french fries... its more deeper...
and you don't need a membership... just walk, girl!. That alone helps, believe me..

"KT" said...

Thank you for your comment, it was really kind. :) Everyone falls sometimes, but they don't always have the strength to pick themselves back up and you're doing that. As the poem says, one day at a time. We can definitely do this!

Anonymous said...

It looks like we have a lot of the same things planned...even down to the organizing. Cheering you on!

Princess Dieter said...

I've been studying about "maintenance" since I was morbidly obese. More than a year. I started actively looking at and reading about the SUCCESSFUL maintainers, even before I got anywhere near a good eating plan for me. I was looking ahead. Giving myself hope and the realistic picture of what to expect after the losing phase.

I"m still in the losing phase, but I do think it will be valuable to folks to see you as you learn to maintain. Please, post a lot about it. You are not the only one who will have to find the workable routine to keep the losses off from the various phases/challenges/dieting/exercising.

If you don't know about it, REFUSE TO REGAIN (both the book and the blog) are helpful and insightful. :)

Later, babe.

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie, there's an app for that!
I hated to log food, but I downloaded 'lose it'and calorie counting is almost a game.
Well, okay, the game is to factor in the ice cream and still come in under the count.
Nice blog!

debkhershberger said...

Honesty can be hard when we think we've failed. (ourselves or others) But, its hte first step to getting back to where you want to be!! Im doing the 5k in 100 days too! Im on week 7. I want to be a runner!! (or maybe I want to be an athlete, and this is how I think I can get there?)