Sunday, August 21, 2011

Week 12, Slimmer this Summer challenge update…

As you all know we are getting so close to the end of this challenge. Only this week left to make a great change for the summer. I have to admit I haven’t followed my exercise plan like I wanted to but I also have to admit I have done tons and tons of other stuff, just in different ways.

My goals were these: *Crunches, planks, bicycle crunches and leg lifts. Two times a week for a minimum of 20 minutes. *To run a 5k in 24 minutes October 1st by using C25K.

Crunches, well I didn’t do them like intended, I’d do the gardening instead. Crunch down to pick those weeds, crunch down to pick the beans, cucumbers, peas, kohlrabi, more weeds. I work in the garden 3-4 times a week and lots more then 20 minutes a time so I’ll count this as a plus. Planks, I have been doing them but not as often as I should. I can do a plank correctly now for 2 minutes and am working on the next minute. bicycle crunches, nope not at all, leg lifts, yep the kids and I play car on the floor and it’s like of like leg lifts when they are airplaning around. I have not done the C25K program at all. I have been walking, jogging and a tiny bit of running but if I’m going to be able to run the full 5K in October I had better get going. I do have a plan though because on the 29th I will be starting Brad 5K in 100 days and I’m starting back up at our health center the 1st of September so that will help me get back on track.

So not bad, not great but good. I’ll take the exercise I’m getting and maintaining my weight loss with no gains and learning to keep it all straight. It’s not easy but this time of year with all the fresh fruits and veggies it’s not hard either.

So there’s my update for Debbi’s Slimmer this Summer Challenge. I hope you all have done well on your challenge but even just trying your best is okay too. As long as you didn’t give up, as long as you gave it your best, as long as you lost a little, exercised a bit and kept with it, that is what counts. Trying to get healthy and happy, that’s what any of these challenges are about.

Take care my friends and have a blessed and awesome week.


Jo said...

Thanks, Julie, I did sign up for the training. I hope I get accepted. If so, I'll be cheering for you!

Michele said...

You had a great week! Love the exercise you get as you pick the garden veggies! We have our first tomatoes!! Nothing like popping a fresh one in your mouth. Impressed with your two minutes of plank. I am not up to that yet. Have a great week!

EmptyNester said...

There is no doubt in my mind that you get exercise every single day of your life! A plank? No thank you. I'm impressed though! I hate those things. LOL

Princess Dieter said...

Planks are killer! I remember when I couldn't hold it but for a couple seconds. I'm much better!

Push-ups, not so much. Bleh.

Maintaining is hard work....but you're doing it. Yes!

Sheri - The Motivational Girl said...

Well done Julie for keeping with your maintenance goals! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Ok, I have to admit, I don't know what a plank is. Whatever it is, it sounds hard and I'm impressed at how long you can do it! :-)

You're moving and doing awesome! Get up and start running and you'll be set for that 5K! The weather is gorgeous, perfect for running outside. :-)

Jill said...

Thanks for sending me this link! Great blog!
Have a wonderful week!