Friday, August 19, 2011


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This is what we picked for snack yesterday. The kids wanted to help me in the garden so I picked weeds while they picked an ice-cream bucket of beans. Then we picked a few tomatoes, cucumbers and kohlrabi and on the way in stopped at the chicken coop and collected eggs. You can’t beat this snack for tasty and good for you.
Tomorrow is my first craft show of the year so I need to get some jewelry made, cleaned and organized and also get my sewing and crafts together. I am hoping for a great sales day but everyone up here is in the same boat I am and it’s sinking a bit so we’ll just see if anyone has some extra cash. I was talking to my partner and we are thinking of calling the jewelry business quits so we are going to start selling our beads a bit at a time. Maybe this will help out too. A bit sad because we’ve been making jewelry for 9 years now but it’s time I think. I’ll share some pictures and news of the day this weekend.
Take care my friends and have an awesome Friday. TGIF!!!! Blessings to you all.


Michele said...

Fresh green beans and tomatoes!! Two of my summer favorites! Have a great weekend and good luck and the sale! Michele

Angie said...

Yummy! My kids go through our fresh veggies so quick too! But I don't good for you!

Baby Sister said...

Best snack ever!!

TheBlogWriter8 said...

I might trade this for the Mc burger I've been craving.

Goodness is coming to you. The path is just lighting up. Watch out!