Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The kids and I went to visit my grandma yesterday, she fell and broke her wrist. She worries me but just keeps on going and going and going. After we visited for a long time we picked some apples from two different trees. I haven’t a clue as to what kinds but one is a tart, firm apples and the other is a sweet, soft apples. I came home and picked rhubarb and made this. Apple/rhubarb sauce. Mike says it’s the best yet!!

 100_7515 100_7523


Then I picked peppers, lots and lots of peppers. I am getting ready to make spaghetti sauce. I so love picking produce from my plants and this year it’s a bit more rewarding because these are the plants that I started from seeds back in February.



The kids gave the dogs a bath. Abby and I gave scout a bath in the wash tub but Wilbur is to big for there so they went into the bath tub. Wilbur so hate taking a bath. He whines and cries and after it’s all over he just stares at me with that “I hate you” look. Scout stands outside the bathtub and cries for him. It’s really pathetic if you ask me but they smelled so bad. So very bad!!!



I don’t take very good pictures of my jewelry. I still need to make a light box but I did promise you pictures. Out of what’s here the necklace is gone, both pink zipper pulls, the pinecone zipper pull and the two wiggly looking bookmarks. So it really was a good show. I have two orders for elastic badge holder for a sweet woman that works at Fairview. She bought one last year and made a special trip to come up last weekend to order another one, she had lost our business card.

100_7483 100_7492


Tonight I had late daycare but both Mike and Scott (my nephew) were in bad moods so instead of listening or looking like they would kill a tiger I took them out tubing. Really we don’t have anything expensive like a tube but we tried an inner tube which didn’t work to well but you know what did? A snow sled. We tied a rope on it and off they boys went.

0823111819a 0823111818a



See what my healthy club is offering now? Now no excuse to not make it to exercise. I can get up a bit early and get done for the day. I like that.


So there you have it. the past couple of days. It’s evening now, the sunset is awesome and I am going to relax and just see what’s on TV. Tomorrow I have my first behind the wheel of a bus training. Wish me luck.



Good night my friends. Take care and God Bless!!!


Baby Sister said...

This year is the first year I've ever tried rhubarb jam and I LOVE IT!! My mom has made a couple of batches and it's one of my new favorite jams. Those sunsets are absolutely stunning!! Love the pictures. :) Have a good night!! Good luck tomorrow!!

Kim said...

That applesauce is PRETTY! Love all the veggies...it's like our "hunting season"...good luck today, hope your driving goes well! (I know it will!)

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

I can't find rhubarb here anymore! There are stil a ton of rhubarb recipe I want to try but it seems to be gone. :-( You gotta start posting recipes if you show pictures of awesome sauce like that!

I love jewelry! I love the bookmarks!

Kalei's Best Friend said...

I love the new page and your collage! Looks as tho things are going well for ya.