Friday, August 26, 2011

Camping with mama….and….

We are packing today so I can take my mama camping. I try and do it every year but last year got away from me and I didn’t get to but I am making sure she gets to go this year. We are going to Portsmouth campground in our Cuyuna Country Recreational area. Mike will join us off and on I’m sure to check in on us and eat but otherwise I think the guys are all staying home. It’ll be fun for mama and I. I’m planning on taking her fishing, resting, garage saling and maybe even up north to Cross Lake for a big craft sale. We went shopping last night for groceries and this weekend will not be a diet friendly one. Oh not candy and chips and such, but there will be steak and potatoes and corn on the cob and also Brats and beans. It’ll be excellent and fun.

It has been another very busy week here. I did my behind the wheel 2 days. I’m doing just fine, in fact the instructor says instead of the usual 8-10 driving days I just need one more day with her and then one with the bus garage supervisor. Then comes the big test in Brainerd. Just like a car driving test but lots more safety stuff.

I’ve been working in my garden and now have my first batch of spaghetti sauce done. I sent a 3 gallon bucket of tomatoes home with Brenda today.


Slowly but surely they are turning. My beans are just about done, same for the cucumbers. The corn is doing great and my peppers have a few more started but think pretty close to done there. And the weeds, I’ve been busy doing this and that and those weeds have decided to take hold and grow. Each time I’m in there I pick weeds but I think they have invited all their friends to grow there. Soon I’ll weed whack them all if they get to much further ahead of me.

I invited Terri over for a visit the other evening. It was time to just sit and talk. I lite the candles, put out some treats and ice-water and waited for her to come. It was light when I did this part but by time she left it was dark and the candles and lights looked so awesome and inviting.

0824112011a 0824111954b

Yesterday I took Rachel, Abby and Anton thrift store shopping. It’s Rachel and Abby’s mom’s birthday and they love looking for something special for her. Crosby is a great town to go Antiquing in and the found her a few really cool things. I then took them out for lunch at Heartland cafe and then swimming. It was a long day (I started the day at 5 am with bus driving, then the kids all day then shopping with mama and packing so really a long day) but the kids had a great time and it is so fun taking them places. They are respectful, gracious and great shoppers.

0825111204a 0825111106a

 0825111201a 0825111202a

And last but not least, I found this plaque at one of the shops and I think I’m going to do some version of it for me. I love it and while the kids were swimming yesterday I was thinking this.


I hope you all have an amazing, awesome, beautiful, fun filled, relaxing, rejuvenating, and most blessed weekend. The girls are going to a Twins game, we are going camping, Mike is going mountain bike and dirt bike riding and Jim is having a peaceful weekend. It’ll be totally awesome!!

Take care my friends. Blessings to you all!!


Flying high in the sky.... said...

what a freshhhhhhhhhh post!!! you made my tired day!!! loved the fact that you are going to take your mother out. .loved the fact that the driving lessons are coming out well.. loved the fact that you took kids to shopping.. .you seem to be such a wonderful person!! and loved every bit of farming details!!! too good!!

Baby Sister said...

Those tomatoes look beautiful!! I have a couple of tomato plants who's fruit refuses to ripen and I am getting tired of them. Camping sounds like fun. :) Hope you had a good time!! I'm going to have make a plaque like that for me too. I love that quote!!