Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Camping and more…

First off, I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to post the pictures of mama and my camping trip. We both ended up sick with some kind of virus that is making us dizzy, nauseated and tired. I’m doing better, not grand but better but mama is still not up to par. She’s able to keep food down now so that’s a big plus and hopefully she’s better soon. Me I have to be better since there’s daycare and today bus orientation and tomorrow daycare and then a sleep over with the kids. And I’m hoping a family camping trip this coming weekend too. So no matter what I feel like I am going to smile and enjoy life, just a bit dizzy and tired.

So here’s some pictures of our camping trip. Daddy came for supper on Saturday evening and Mike spent part of the time with us, part of the time working and part of the time biking (both dirt biking and mountain biking). It was a great trip, the weather was beautiful and we had a blast, minus the getting sick.

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  100_7568 100_7569

I have been studying and more getting ready for my test. There is so much to learn and remember.


I picked green beans and got them blanched and frozen. Got 6 more qt bags.  


Now it’s onwards to the tomatoes. I need to pick them tomorrow (it’s raining now so hopefully it quits and dries up a little bit) and then get to work making spaghetti sauce. I need to pick up some hamburger to make a complete sauce.


So there you have my week so far. Never dull here. I have some exercise and diet stuff to talk about in the next post and some new goals and ideas. All starting September 1st.

I hope all is well with you and that life is treating you grandly. I’m off to make Mike some crescent rolls, a treat because he’s just so excited he has an interview tomorrow and he can’t sit still so figured a good supper, a great night sleep, a shower and shave and he’ll be ready to face the interview. Here’s hoping and praying he gets a full time, good for him, exciting job.

Take care my friend. Blessing to you all!!


"KT" said...

Oh my gosh, that doggy picture! Beautiful pictures, looks like a wonderful time. :)

Michele said...

Looks like a great time, despite getting a little ill. Wonderful that you took your mama camping.

You are a busy beaver with your veggies. Those green beans look great!

Good luck on that test. Remember to breath and read each question over carefully. Take care! michele