Tuesday, May 28, 2013


My nephew Scott had graduated from high school. It has been a struggle for him. Life has been hard from him with parents that pull him in all directions and not always in the good direction either. However he prevailed and this weekend he graduated. I am so very proud of him, so VERY PROUD!!!

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Mike came home a hour early (he first made sure he had over 5 hours of over time in before he asked for to get off an hour early), anyways, Mike loves his grandma. I had to take this picture as they were walking back to the car.

 100_1026 100_1027

Scott and his two most favorite people. His brother Kevin and Mike.

No more graduations now for a while. I wonder what’s next for these boys. Kevin works in Wisc right now with a construction company and Mike in Fergus Falls for RDO, a John Deere company and Scott….well where ever he ends of working I know that they company will be blessed to have him. He works hard and gives his all.

Just had to share all the awesomeness of “my” boys.



Unknown said...

Graduations are such a special milestone. Thanks for checking in on my blog, and it was so nice to hear that you got some planting done. I wish that could have been the case in southeastern MN as well. It rained almost all weekend, so no planting here. And "yes," let's get together this summer!

E. Jane said...

The comment from "Unknown" is really from me, E. Jane. I guess I wasn't signed in. Sorry. Have a great day!

Sunshine's Heart said...

Congratulations to all the graduates. I wish you all well. It is something to see young people grow up and stand on their own. I know you are very proud.

Kim said...

Tell Scott Congratulations for me!!! That is such a huge HUGE accomplishment - and a huge monkey off his back - now onward and upward for Scott!

Debsdailylife said...

COngratulations Scott!!! And Julie, I know you had a lot to do with his success!!

Empty Nester said...

Congratulations! It makes me so mad when parents do that. Kids have a hard enough time just growing up without parents adding to it. So glad he prevailed and make it through! Oh- the recipes I need are for canning the spaghetti sauce and the tomatoes! I promise to take care of it this time! That sauce was so good we ate it all up and had none for the winter. LOL

Baby Sister said...

Good for him!! He looks so much like Mike!!