Monday, May 6, 2013

Just pictures of what’s happening…

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So Mike had some friends over and they target practiced and blew up some stuff. Mike is selling his dirt bike so he can buy a smaller car with better gas mileage. Anyone interested? It’s a 1996 Honda CR80, with two tires (paddle tire and regular one) and it runs good.

 100_0948 0426131811a

Mike and Jim have been working together on many different projects. Mike had to work on his exhaust manifold and Jim was wiring my Envoy for a trailer plug.

100_0950 0428131237a

Sunsets are my most favorite and this one, it’s awesome. I love the reflection on the lake. Jim and I are either going to build or buy a camper trailer we can haul with our smaller vehicles. We are just looking right now.

0429131002a 2013-04-29_10-06-23_545 

Mike and I went on a hike. A very long one and though Mike really hates walking he always goes because I ask him to take me. In the distant you can see a tower, we started there and went to the top of Cuyuna Lookout.

 0429131925a 0429131929a

Here’s my boyfriend. He’s really my daddy goose but he “loves” me. HE is the most noisiest goose and follows me everywhere. When I’m outside he’ll come over from daddy’s house to see what I’m up too.

 0429132119a 0501131117a

Lots of steps in each day except this past weekend when a migraine kept me close to the toilet and house. This past weekend one of our local green houses finally got to set up. We are so far behind this year in planting or getting ready too. I loved this.

0501131108a  0501131106b

I have Joss every Wednesday for library day and playtime and lunch to give her mama a break and this past week we celebrated May day with a craft and a May pole.

0503131131a 0503131748a

Mike got his new tool box. He’s working on filling it with the needed tools to start his new job. We took Terri to Olive Garden for her birthday this past Friday. Though it was the most awesome food I don’t think it’ll be someplace to go often. A bit expensive and not to good for the diet.

0504131646a 0505131422a

We had game night at grandma’s last week. Mike’s favorite food is spaghetti and malts so grandma spoiled him rotten and of course Mike’s dog scout is so happy to have him home. Another trailer we are looking at to maybe build into a camper trailer instead of buying a premade one.


My garden just this past weekend. The snow is just about gone and my rhubarb is coming up.

Today I set up my green house cuz my tomatoes really need to get out. They need sunlight, they are pretty darn wimpy. Hopefully now that our day time temps are in the 50-60’s just maybe things will thaw and we can have some spring.

So that’s what’s been happening between driving bus, working on a bit of this and that to keep a household running, and enjoying having Mike home.

I hope all is well with you all. I will be back next week once life is back to an empty nest. Blessings!!


Sunshine's Heart said...

Great pics, Julie. You are shining in the one with Mike. I'm so glad you are back together in close range.

Baby Sister said...

I'm glad you've been enjoying your time with Mike. :) Continue to enjoy it!!

Angela Pea said...

Happy Happy Joy Joy! What a wonderful week! I am so glad the snow is going away. It's WAY too late to still be cold...and that sign was HILARIOUS!! "Wet our plants"....I'll be giggling all day over that!

Have a wonderful, blessed day, my friend.

Kim said...

LOL - love the goose, kind of funny and annoying at the same time I'd bet :) Have a good week and we'll get "back to normal" next week!

Empty Nester said...

You are always so busy. But these pictures look like it's been a fun busy for you! Please tell Mike that I'll be thinking of him as he starts yet another new life adventure! I wish him all the best and know that he will go out there and make a positive difference!