Monday, May 27, 2013

Just a weight check in….

I don’t want you guys to think I’m not working on this even though I’m not talking about it so just a quick check in.

When Deb and I started working on this together we both were 206+ March 11th, today she is 191.2 and I am 192 even. So we are still working on this. The scale is moving and the fat is leaving. Just ever so slowly.

Cardio is awesome for us both, strength and stretching isn’t. So this month coming up we will be working more on that. Not sure exactly what but we’ll do it. Having a buddy has been awesome. We may live over 1000 miles away from each other but with today technology it’s all possible.

Life is good, life is so full of blessings. Live is manageable and difficult and wonderful and everything is possible with patience and support.

My nephew graduated, Mike came home for the weekend, the garden is planted, school is over except my driving continues for another school (except tomorrow I am off to take my parents to the cities to visit my mama’s sister and to see the flower show at the conservatory), moving day is fast approaching and so is my trip with my scouts to the BWCA. Life really is good.

Take care my friends and have the most awesome and blessed week.


Marc said...

Thanks for the update - Blessing back to you:)

Marc said...

And 14 pounds gone! AWESOME!! And I am jealous.

Debsdailylife said...

Have a wonderful and safe trip tomorrow!!! Cant wait to see the pics of the flowers!!!

Sunshine's Heart said...

You are doing great, Julie. Keep at it.

Baby Sister said...

Good job, Julie!! Keep it up!!