Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Wilbur is our 10 year old Beagle. He’s getting up there in age and needs a bath once a week. Does Wilbur like these baths….?…… No way!So today I gave him and Scout and me a shower. Thinking if we are all together just maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Do you think it worked ….?… Nope, nada, still hates them. So after I got him and Scout washed and dried…sorta…it was time to go out and do the chores. It’s –15* today so a bit chilly but still managable. It’s just a quick trip this morning so let the dogs come with me and when I was done with the fire and chickens I met Wilbur at the door. I looked at him and he looked sad and full of stickers. I thought great, now with wet hair I have to figure out how to get the burrs out. Well as it turns out, they weren’t burrs….it was ice cold pea rock stuck to his fur, everywhere. Poor Wilbur. I went in and got the horse brush and brushed him off but you just have to see what he looked like before…..I couldn’t help but laugh.


He’s all better now except he’s still damp. It seems to take him a good two days to dry all the way to the skin. There are blankets on the furniture and doors closed. Nope, today was not Wilbur’s favorite day.

Now Scout, she didn’t care I was petting and talking and petting and ….. well she loves the attention and really didn’t care at all. Good puppy.



Still unhappy. But he loves me anyways.

Hope you’re having a great day. 6 more days till I go back to work. Well the full time work. This afternoon and evening I have George and on Friday I drive boys basketball to Wadena. But that still leaves me plenty of time to take care of home stuff, my parents and even work on my journey. How’s that going you wonder? Well I’m not perfect but have kept off 4 lbs for the holiday. So working on more. And there’s still no snow for skiing so walking and hiking is working except today, it’s just a bit to cold to enjoy a long hike. So just am moving my butt at home.

Take care and chat with you all in the new year. It’ll be a great and challenging and blessing new year. You’ll see, we’ll make it that way.


Gwen said...

Curious, why does poor Wilbur need a once a week bath? We have an 11.5 year old dog, and she's fine as always. (maybe too spunky, in fact. LOL)

Happy New Year! Wish I had some time off! ;)

Gwen said...

I have 'feedly.' I get new posts pretty quickly.

Thanks for explaining re Wilbur! :)

E. Jane said...

Awww...such sweet dogs! Poor Wilbur. Those kind of things are so difficult to deal with, because they make the dog temporarily miserable. I'm sure he still loves you. They are such loyal creatures, and I think they trust that you are doing what you have to do for their sake.

Enjoy the rest of your time off. It's cold here today in the southern part of MN. Take care.

Angela Pea said...

Poor Wilbur with rocks frozen to his fur!!

It's Brrrr chilly down here, too. We're supposed to dip below freezing and get ice on New Year's Eve. I intend to get out and go a few miles on the bike before it starts. Or maybe I'll just walk the dogs for a few miles. Or I could just leave the gate to the lower forty open and spend a couple of hours chasing the dogs across the countryside. :) Poor Max is getting wander-y in his old age, and he sometimes forgets the way home. Miss Kasey will catch sight of something and take off after it at her full-on Whippet speed, running really far very fast; however, she isn't bright enough to always find her way home again!

Who Moved My Donut? said...

Happy New Year Julie!

Jill said...

They are adorable!! Have a very happy, healthy new year!!


Baby Sister said...

Poor Wilbur! That looks miserable.