Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Even I know it’s water but ….

220.0 this morning. So a good start. With tomorrow I’m hoping to just maintain the loss and on Friday work hard to get it some more to move. Calories around 1000 or just a tad less and getting 2 serving's of fruit and veggies a day and protein. No heavy carbs and no sugar. I walked 5.9 miles yesterday according to my fitbit and worked until 11:00 last night with George. Really the last two hours he slept so I cleaned the house up a bit for him and his family.

Today is Christmas eve. Such an awesome day, a day we know that our Lord Jesus was born just for us. I am reading a book that Deb sent me and we are sharing together faithfully fit. It’s a devotional, weight loss book to end all diets. I am on day 4 and it’s about surrender. Did you know surrender is terrible hard? I’m working on it but have such a very long ways to go. Same as my pounds and miles to get done. However it’s possible and I’m learning.

Heading over to my parents shortly to get a few things done and than I am hoping that mama can open up her Christmas gifts from daddy and I. I have never gone shopping with daddy for gifts but he’s not able to do that any more but he sure was able to pick out what he wanted the love of his life to have. I can’t wait for her to see and enjoy and just maybe understand that even though daddy can’t always tell her anymore that he feels the love for her she can see it. IT WILL BE AWESOME!!!

So to finish up the laundry, vacuum, feed the birds and get going. Take care my friends and have a wonderful Christmas eve.



Jill said...

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas Julie!! So blessed to have met you through blogging :-)


Gwen said...

Very merry Christmas, Julie.

Who Moved My Donut? said...

You are doing so very well. Merry Christmas Julie!

E. Jane said...

Blessings to you and yours, Julie. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Angela Pea said...

Oh Sweet Mercy - Surrender is the hardest thing EVER!

Merry Christmas!!

Debsdailylife said...

Merry Christmas Julie!!! Im so sorry I fell off the grid. Loved Christmas with my family, but also just went thru the motions. Im still not quite 'right' but, Im working on it!!! I hope your holiday was wonderful!!! Im just now catching up on reading blogs, and I see you have some great entries. Cant wait to read the rest!!! Hugs!!

Baby Sister said...

Surrender is very hard!!
I love that you have such a great relationship with your parents. :)