Saturday, December 20, 2014

Monday is the day….

So my plan for getting into shape for my 2015 adventure in 50 mile hiking and just getting into a shape that isn’t quite so round and mushy.

First, I love me. I always have. There’s parts of me that need help and those are what I’m going to be working on but really they (whomever they is) say you have to love yourself to help yourself. I am a believer in the Lord helps them who helps themselves so I’ve always been self sufficient and always ready to take on whatever this is to do. I need people to help me too when I just can’t do things on my own and I do ask at times. And I ask the Lord almost daily to help me through whatever is in store for me for the day. My life has changed tremendously in the past 3 years but I really haven’t rolled well with it even with the loving me, doing what I know I need to do, asking for help when I need it. So I’m taking charge again and this time going to work hard at obtaining my goal.

My goal is also not just the hike. You know my title…healthy wealthy and wise… well I have to work on those parts too. I am going to save for my hiking adventure. For the state sticker, to the new backpack, to a few supplies and to at least 2 pairs of good hiking boots. And I am going to read anything and everything I can about other peoples hikes, experiences and tips. Plus how to’s. I’m not a beginner by any means, I’ve been to the BWCA many times, I’ve camped tons of times but hiking without anyone, hiking for a few days….that’s all new for me and I want to be prepared.

It’s winter time and I am mostly going to do the reading and preparing my body. The big thing is, there is no 911 right there on the trail so being healthy, being strong, being in the right mindset is very important.

So part one: Getting into shape. I have a shape but it’s just way to round and soft to rely on out on the trail. So I need to lose 40 lbs. I have never wanted to be a skinny minny, a chunky kind of person is just fine with me but one that is healthy and strong.

Step one: start getting the miles in again. But I’m going to start right away with a backpack. Just a normal one but fill it with a gallon of water. That’s 11 pounds right away. I am going to be skiing this coming month also. The water in the backpack serves as two things, a bit of weight and also some movements to work with.

Step two: cutting and counting calories. The first two weeks will be a kick start, 800-1000 calories a day. I know this is low and it’s only for a week or two to get over the sugar carvings, the carb carvings and to get my head on straight and relearn the right way of eating. I chose these two weeks because I’m not driving bus so can put up with the headache and the crabbies that come with not getting the goodies I want. I will have a few days that will be super hard but I don’t fix Christmas dinner, we go out and I can preplan the eats. I don’t have daycare but one day so will eat before the kids come and plan a nice meal that I can have a bit of too. I have my home healthy care gentleman but I fix meals for him, I can bring a salad. So for the next 14 days I will be doing this.

On Monday I will weigh myself, measure myself and take a fat picture of me. I will continue to love me even though parts of me are terrible and I will work on fixing them.

I want to hike, I want to plan hikes all over the state of Minnesota. And than just maybe someday can plan hikes all over the USA. Now that’s exciting.

My new motto:

Joy on the journey, enjoy getting there.

I have the willingness to change.

Take care my friends and have a blessed weekend. I’m going to eat a few things that I won’t be eating any more….like cold cereal, cinnamon toast and crackers. And starting Monday morning it begins.

See you Monday.


Who Moved My Donut? said...

Wishing you lots of luck Julie!

Michele said...

There are some many wonderful places to hike in MN and of course the US. I think that is a terrific fitness goal to focus on hiking. Maybe someday we can do a hike together?!?!

Debsdailylife said...

OH JULIE!!! What a wonderful goal!!! I LOVE IT!!! And Im so sorry it took me 15 days to catch up on your blog!!! Hows it going? Hiking is so 'you'!!! Im so glad this is one of your goals!!!!

Baby Sister said...

I love your plan, I think it's great. You can do it!