Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Today . . .

Food in, not great in the calorie count but good that it wasn’t cereal or bread. Had dinner at the DQ with Mike, his treat, and over indulged. I did track it all though.

My walking and hike with Mike was awesome.


And I didn’t wear it this morning, I forgot to charge my fitbit last night. So I know I’m over the 10,000 steps for the day. I also had 17 minutes of very active which was my fast walking with Mike in our 45 minutes out.

So I slowly getting back into the swing of it. Gotta cut those calories though, I was at 2240….that’s double my normal intake.

Here I come day three. No cereal, no bread and no candy. Another hike. But first a good night sleep.

Sleep well my friends. Good night. Blessings!!!


Baby Sister said...

Eating out every once in awhile isn't bad. It's nice to give yourself a treat every once in awhile. :) Good job on the steps, that's awesome!! Keep up the good work Julie. :)

Running Stitches said...

Nice stepping! Way to go with cutting back on the sugar and processed carbs.

Melanie O'Brien said...

Great job on the steps. I've been trying to build mine back up but it's not going so well.

Sunshine's Heart said...

Hang in there< Julie. You can do it. Good job on the walking and exercising. Keep it up!

Angela Pea said...