Monday, March 10, 2014

My first full week with my fitbit….

I am loving my fitbit. It’s helping me keep on track. I have anywhere’s from 4500 steps (on a Saturday where I go and do not to much but house stuff) to 15,000-18,000 steps where I’ve gone for a hike or walk with Mike or Kim (I go on my own too but I really love the company to walk with).

So today it’s 40 and sunny. It’s our first 40* day since last October. I took my daddy out for a walk and than I went for a jolk. Daddy and I went for 1.5 miles and than I went for another 2 miles. It is so nice to be in the sun and also getting out there doing something other than quick walks in town.

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Do you notice the fence behind me? It’s a 5’ fence and there’s only about 10” of fence showing and the snow has settled some in the past couple of days with this warmth. We have snow!

So here’s to a good week. Tomorrow is weigh in. I’m not expecting much but I would like to see a bit of a result from no bread or cereal and today is day 7 without them both. I didn’t die without it but it still calls my name though not as loudly at first. I’m going to keep this up for another week and I’m also going to add limited sugar. I’m going to be fine with the sugar that comes in fruits, veggies, milk and juice but I won’t have things that I have added it to or candy.

I’ll tell you tomorrow what is up, or hopefully down that is.

Take care my friends and have an awesome week. Blessings to you all!!


Debsdailylife said...

So proud of you for going 7 days!!! Each day gets a little better!! And so great to see the sunshine!!

Running Stitches said...

It sounds like you had a good week sticking to your plan. Way to go!

Anna Down Under said...

I've been tempted to get a FitBit, so nice to hear you like it. I had read some reviews saying it's not always accurate (the one you wear on your wrist) because it can miss steps, or count steps when you've only been moving your arms about. Do you find that to be a problem or have you got the clip on kind?

Angela Pea said...


Yeah for you! Sounds like a marvelous week without cereal and bread. It will get quieter calling you the longer you ignore it.

Here's some more motivation for giving up the processed foods - cereal, white bread, etc.

I'm starting my long-term recovery plan with my oncologist right now. The first thing we talked about was food, and the current research on what I should and should not be eating in order to boost my immune system, recover faster after the chemo ends and ultimately live a long and happy life. Guess what the top three things that have to leave my diet are? refined sugar. refined flour. processed foods with artificial preservatives and food colorings. Yep. Exactly. I've been reasonably good about not eating too much sugar/flour/processed junk. Now, however, I'm kissing them goodbye forever and I'm not looking back. It's going to be hard, but - like you - I am determined.

And all that snow? Crazy. Just crazy. I heard on the news last night that ya'll were supposed to get MORE snow. Stay Warm!

Michele said...

Hi Julie,
I know you have restarted your efforts. I am very happy that you have. I am glad you have a fit bit. I do not have one, but I do know they are very helpful. I really like the fact that you are tracking your steps.

Life is never free of curve balls, but to keep moving forward we have to learn how to manage through those times and keep moving forward. It is hard.

I am far from perfect with this getting healthy journey. It is already four years and I still have at least 30 pounds more to go. I hope I can get there within a year or two. The most important things that I have learned are: pack all my food and don't buy any foods where I have no restraint. Like potato chips. I never buy them!

Keep moving and stay strong!

Baby Sister said...

Holy moly you have a lot of snow!! And I thought we had a lot!! :) Yay for 40 degrees!! I bet that feels nice. :) It's been a little warmer around here too.

Eva Siegel said...

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