Monday, March 3, 2014

Fail, failure, just plain stupid and I can’t get it together….

I know what I need to do. I know even how to do it (well sort of), I just can not kick it in the butt and do it. The scale is going in the wrong direction. It started out pretty good in January and after that things didn’t keep going. I really need to start over, I really need too.

Do you think it’s okay to have day 1 yet again? How about a day 1 never to be seen again?

Mike bought me a fitbit. I have wanted one for a very long time and now I have one. It’s only 3 days old and so far I’ve learned that my sleep cycle bites, my steps are anywhere from 8000-15000 but they are just steps. It says the hardest I’ve worked is 7 minutes in a row and we all know that isn’t a calorie burner. There are lots of things on this band I need to learn.

I need help my friends. I don’t know if any of you read me anymore but if you do I need you. I am fat, miserable and I don’t even feel good. I think I have figured out that if I eat cold cereal, oatmeal, bread in anything but tiny portion I feel yucky. Not sure what that means yet either. Giving up these things, well to be honest, make me worried. They are my mainstay. It’s what I will eat 3 times a day (yep, I know it’s bad, that’s why the scale creeps in the wrong direction).

So gotta start somewhere. Where will that be? More to come ….. I hope.



Jeanette said...

Just wanted you to know I am reading! Change is hard, but needed to continue to grow... My suggestion would be to ease up on the cereals and breads, fill in the gaps with veggies! It is always hard at first.

Running Stitches said...

I'm still reading!

I feel so much better when I'm off the grains and processed foods, not only physically but mentally. It takes a few days to a week for you to adjust, but make it past the point and it's like a fog has been lifted.

Cindy said...

I'm still reading too!

I know the weather influences me. The only "working out"/exercising I do is when it's spring/summer/fall and I can play volleyball, tennis, walk/fish, etc. Until that time I'm just lazy.

So really, I have no good advice. sorry!

Cathy Yonek said...

Hi, I took a long break from blogging but plan on being back with a vengeance. It is never too late to start again. How about now?

Suzanne said...

I took a break from blogging but I'm still here :)

LuckyMama said...

I don't know you at all, but I know all too well your frustration and feelings!

And ya know what? If you need 1000 day 1's, keep having them! I quit smoking a 1000 times until the last time 12 years ago! That's what I'm keeping in my mind about my own weight loss efforts.

And 8000-15000 steps!!! A day?!??!?! Well my friend, that's better than a LOT of folks! That's a success in my book!

Be kind to yourself. Be imperfect and move forward.

Mrs Swan said...

ohhh cold cereal= trigger food for me. Back away from the cereal! LOL :)

Christine said...

Start day 1 as many times as you need to! I love my Fitbit, I've had it over 2 years and wear it everyday. 8000 - 15000 steps a day is terrific! I am thrilled when I get over 8,000 steps.

Keep looking, you will find your way and what works for you.

BeckyAnne said...

I'm reading every post--please keep writing. And remember big changes require small change at a time.

Julie said...

BeckyAnne, I can't go see you or read you but I thank you!
One step at a time. I'm trying. Thanks!

Baby Sister said...

Oh giving up bread would be so hard for me to do!! But you can do it, Julie. Just keep taking it one day at a time and don't push yourself more than you can do. :) Good luck!!

Debsdailylife said...

Failure?? I think NOT!!! Julie you are one of the hardest working women I know!!! I know its frustrating, but dont beat yourself up!!! Im sur Marc can give you lots of advice on the being wheat free.