Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Happy dance….

Not because I have it all together, heck I’m so far from all together it isn’t funny. I’m doing the happy dance because you guys commented, you guys had some ideas, you guys gave me support. You guys are amazing. Thank you so much.

Now day one went great with no cold/hot cereal and no bread. It was/is hard. Today isn’t any better however I thought a bit ahead and bought some banana’s, yogurt, cottage cheese and sweet peppers yesterday so have a little more go to stuff. So breakfast was a banana and yogurt and lunch was two cut up sweet peppers and cottage cheese. I am thinking soup for supper though don’t have time for homemade but do have two cans of healthy choice chicken and something and there’s a tiny bit of salad left.

For now the only things I’m going to even try and do is keep cereal and bread out of my diet and move my butt more. I’m not going to tackle anything else until I know I can skip that oh so yummy cold cereal and toast.

Marc took some time to email me a few words and that was the one that had me thinking. All of your comments were awesome, but Marc’s stood out and all day long yesterday I thought about it. He pointed out a couple things to me that I just couldn’t see beyond my fat. I am not a lazy, eat everything wrong, don’t take care of myself person. I just needed to see some good.

So it’s on, not a real diet, but it’s on. Learning to listen to my body, getting what I need and doing what I do best and that’s taking care of and helping others and working as hard as I can.

Suzi told me that I could copy some of her meals because making up a menu way ahead of time just isn’t for me. But she usually has the same stuff in her kitchen that I do or should I say I have the same as her…..anyways, I’m just going to take a few of her meals and work with them.

It’s a start, it’s step in the right direction. And tonight, it’s suppose to be near 25* (this morning when I got up it was –20 and I wasn’t not in the least bit thrilled) so Mike and I are going for a walk. We can’t get on the trails yet so we’ll just walk around his town and just enjoy the warmth. Going to take the dogs too because I’m not the only round one in this family, Wilbur is getting there too.

Photo: It's a hard dogs life. Not!! :-)

Blessing my friends. This is the day the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. I’m trying, hope you can too.


Sunshine's Heart said...

You are off to a great start, Julie. I know you can do this.. Simplifying your meals will help a lot. Blessings to you.

Ronalee said...

This post made me smile. I think it is great that you reached out to others and it's also great that they replied to you.

I saved your last post and had plans of replying to it, so I will just post here instead.

It sounds like you may have hit the wall, my friend. Did you see me there? I am there, and I have been there for weeks now.

Bread and pasta are in my menu way too often, and I can't even fathom them going anywhere. I need to cut back.

Dairy is evil, have you heard? It has been messing me up and I am just now realizing it. How do we give up these things that we love so much? Oh, I am rambling now.

I am in need of some accountability, so feel free to poke at me when you get a chance.

If you'd like to drop me a private message maybe we can exchange phone numbers. I would love a "let's walk" or "gimme 10" text if that is possible. (or an email?) It's just an idea.

Heck, if you don't want to do that, maybe we can just pretend to text each other and than follow through.

On that note.. I am going to grab my jacket and take a walk. Thanks for letting me ramble and get a little therapy on your page.

Cathy Yonek said...

Please don't call yourself derogatory names! (referring to your last post title). Would you ever call someone you loved those names? Giving up bread and dairy is not a bad idea, but without finding a little compassion for yourself, how will you ever move forward? I remember how much empathy you showed towards others when I was more active with blogging. Give a little to yourself.

Baby Sister said...

Marc is very much right. It's like I've said before, you're active, you move, and you eat pretty healthy. You've just got to find your sweet spot and everything will just come off. You can do it Julie. :) Yay for 20 degrees!! :D

Gaia Wise Ways said...

I agree and we talked about are active, healthy and now that spring is coming, we will loose our MN Winter Hibernation Cushion! I'm going to bring over with me this Saturday, a loaf of non-gluten bread for you to try. I eat and actually "don't mind" the taste and texture. One loaf lasts me a week as I allow myself one slice per day. I know how you feel about missing our bread and I found this helps me get over this craving. See you Saturday night! Hugs!

Angela Pea said...

I love you, my friend! All will be well.