Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mary, Mary……

So Pam has been sharing her garden and though she’s far south from me and her garden is awesome, mine’s getting there. Here take a peek….


First I’ve got to show you Jim’s garden. Remember his homemade green house? Well look at his tomatoes now.

SDC12397 SDC12398  

And my version up at the house. These are cherry tomatoes for the kids to pick while they are outside. Sometimes I will find a letter D on them, that is one of my daycare daddy’s waiting for a certain one to change and that means it’s his.

Now my garden…..

SDC12403  SDC12411

My tomatoes. See the itty bitty flowers starting?

SDC12405 SDC12408 

My peppers. They are really short this year, at least so far but they are budding too.


Squash and kohlrabi. I forgot to take a pictures of the cucumbers and pumpkins.

 SDC12413 SDC12414

Beets and green beans. I plant the green beans by the fence and pine tree so they can climb and the chickens won’t eat them for lunch.

 SDC12415 SDC12417

Our corn which just isn’t doing great yet. We did fill in the spaces with seed this past weekend so hopefully it looks and produces better. The little line of green onions and more kohlrabi that needs to be thinned.


And my rhubarb. Which today I’m going to thin and cut up into either just freezer bags for later on (it’s suppose to get into the 90’s this afternoon and cooking in a house where we don’t turn on the A/C until we are dying is just adding to much heat).

So there, my garden. Looking good. Even the weeds are doing well. I’m not much for weeding, I will pick around the plants when I have to otherwise I just till them every week or so. It works and my garden produces enough for my family, all the daycare families and also friends.

Hope your garden is doing well. Our weather was a month late this year so we are hoping we’ll have a late frost and freeze so everything can grow up and fill up the pantries.

Take care my friends.



Debsdailylife said...

Your garden is beautiful!!!!

w0rld4vamps said...

I was never in to gardening up until a year ago. I hope one day I can have a garden too. Great job!

Marc said...

904.7...(sigh) You are the Walkinator! I'll be back:)

E. Jane said...

Yes, our weather has been a month late in good old MN, and is now very stormy, rainy, and often humid in our neck of the woods. Love the garden pics! Take care, Julie!

Empty Nester said...

It's coming along nicely! And so much bigger than mine. Your weather is certainly extreme up there. From bitter cold to almost as hot as we get in the summer. I didn't think about rhubarb. I love it! I think it's a fall crop here but I'm not sure.

Angela Pea said...

Well Hey!! Didn't you still have snow on the ground just a few weeks ago? The garden is looking GREAT!! Much better than mine, which at the moment is starving for water and deer-chewed. Stupid deer.

Baby Sister said...

Your garden is looking awesome!! Go you!!