Friday, June 7, 2013


The BWCA is calling my name so I am heading out the door and will be back the 16th. It’ll take me a bit to get caught up with stuff here and you all but when I do I’ll share my trip and all the good things that happened. I am hoping for a bit of sunshine and warmth but have pack accordingly so whatever God gives us we’ll enjoy. It is the most beautiful place on earth up there and I know that no matter what we will be blessed beyond belief being with God and his land and learning and sharing along the way.

Take care my friends and have a blessed weekend and next week.



Marc said...

Thanks for wishing me luck, have fun and read you when you get back:)

Shannon said...


I hope you have a GRAND time! Soak it up! :)


Debsdailylife said...

Have a wonderful time!! A safe trip!!!

Michele said...

Hi, Julie,
I caught up on your blog today. I am very happy to read that you are off to the BWCA! I hope you have a fabulous trip. I also hope it does not rain too much!, we had an inch and a half at the cabin today.

My weekend consisted of going to our cabin. I camped out on the couch most of the weekend with my broken foot up. Today I started going through some old old slides that were taken by my father and my grandparents when we were all kids. I am going to have them all digitalized for my siblings. Most of them survived the fire intact, so they will be very surprised to receive them. This project is something I will continue over the next few weeks while my foot heals.

Have a good week in the BWCA! Michele

Baby Sister said...

Enjoy your trip and the nice break, Julie!!

Empty Nester said...

Safe trip and have a wonderful time!

E. Jane said...

Enjoy your time in the Boundary Waters. I hope you have wonderful weather. It is getting better here in Minnesota. We were at the cabin last weekend, and it was beautiful. I'll be looking for your return.