Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Life and more….


Mike and I went for a drive the other day and went past the first house Jim and I bought when we first got married. We were not the wisest buyers but I loved the rock fireplace and Jim loved the concrete floor in the barn. They told us it was farm land and we bought it in December with at least 4’ of snow and everything and believed them. Farm land for water buffalo maybe. There was a beaver dam on the north side of the neighbors property and it filled up our land, all 28 acres of it to about 5-6” or so. A couple of years later when the DNR blew the dam you should of smelt the stink from the dead stuff. We stayed there for 3 years until we sold it to go drive semi truck.


For two weekends Mike came home with steak. He wanted it and grilled it and fixed us Sunday dinner before he’d head back to his home. Jim refuses to quit any project he’s working on to come in and eat. I know, it bothered me for years, now 33 years later I gave up. We just eat where ever he’s working.

Speaking of working on….here’s the next set of pictures for our camper…

SDC12390It’s a 1968 Frolic. We are going to be repainting her and I’m going to remove the lettering here and hand paint it. There’s one emblem on the front too.

SDC12379 SDC12387

The stuff that has come out so far. Work in progress.

SDC12388 SDC12389

New potty (really old potty just from the tenting camping to here. Need a new roof vent and some trim. It’s not water spots you see, it’s the grain in the wood (well except for around the vent).

 SDC12378 SDC12380

We taillights, new bumper with jacks, new door handle.


SDC12381 SDC12382

Working on figuring out how to build new covers for the holding generator, a/c and ….crap can’t remember what else.

SDC12383 SDC12384

New seats boxes, new cabinets and a/c.

SDC12385 SDC12386

New sink, counter top, bed.

Now let me explain something. I am a camper, I love my tenting, hiking, outdoors and such. Jim is a camper with the comforts of home. I am not complaining one little bit. If I can go camping, I will take it anyway possible. And if a/c, hot coffee and a big bed does it, I’m game!

0620132103a 0617131635a 

Summer is here. The turtles are laying their eggs and by the 4th I’m hoping to catch them hatching. Monster Bobby is just lazing around anywhere he can find cool ground.

0624131435a 0624131045a


The kids are in the pool and the sunsets are gorgeous.

0623131716b 0623131717a

Wilbur has picked a kitten from my parents he wants to call his own. He loves this one, cleans this one and tries to carry it around. If I didn’t already have Monster Bobby I’d let him have one of his very own.


And we have 3 new baby chicks. One mama has one and this one has two and is working on at least one more. And now I have a black mama wanting to set so that will mean another couple to add to the brood.

SDC12396 SDC12395

It’s a good thing too because this is my oldest rooster. He’s at least 15 and my most favorite. He eats from my hand and follows me everywhere and he’s dying. Right now I’m letting him live up at the house. I feed him bread whenever he’s on the porch and he’s got food and water under the porch. It will be a sad day when he dies but it’s the way it goes.

SDC12422 SDC12423

SDC12419 SDC12424

Almost every night we go for a cart ride. When the dogs hear the garage door shutting they know it’s time to go and they are such a pain in the butt. They bark, jump and just become nuts but are ready for to come in and go to bed after their ride. We go around the lake and check cabins and homes. Take in garage cans and check buildings so it’s a bit of a fun ride but also some work. It’s summer, that’s just what we do. While out and about we also picked some irises from my grandma’s old place. The vase I’m using is a creamer that I bought my grandma when I was about 8 and last year she gave it back to me. Gotta use it sometimes.

SDC12376 SDC12373

And last but not least. On Friday the Fed Ex man came to my door. I didn’t order anything but there was this large green box and my heart skipped a beat, I know what’s in there.


Mike sent me flowers. They are so beautiful and they smell awesome. Sometimes flowers just don’t have the scent but these do.

So I think your caught up again on what’s happening here. Tomorrow is my cleaning job and than a meeting at the bus garage for my Friday job starting the 12th. I am going to be working with special need children and have some learning to do on how to transport and also different rules and regulations. I have a yard to mow, a carpet to get cleaned here and at my parents home and I promised my grandma to come and help her on Thursday afternoon with some cleaning she can’t do. So it’s never a dull moment here and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Take care my friends.



Deanna Printy said...

I hope you scrapbook with all the beautiful pictures you take. :)

Marc said...

I really like the canopy over the pool idea. I bought three turkeys for my step daughter to raise. She's the farmer/gardener out of the bunch. She wants two more that I'll get on July 1st. I said, you raise them at your place, I'll pay for the feed, and I'll help you kill and pluck 'em when that day comes. She was happy to do it. She really enjoys rural living, and would be all over your antique vase as she loves that kind of stuff. Your life is blessed:)

Kalei's Best Friend said...

Aww, let Wilbur have a kitty!...he's got mothering instincts.. :-)

Jill said...

So many great things happening in this post! The flowers are beautiful and isn't it nice to reminisce over places we have lived before? :-) Have a wonderful week :-)


Shannon said...

I want a camper!!!! We are going canoeing and camping this weekend on the river and can't wait. :)

Loved this post with all of the beautiful pictures. I've never seen a turtle lay eggs!

Have a great weekend!


Baby Sister said...

The camper is looking good. That's adorable that your dog loves that kitten. :) And how sweet that Mike sent you roses!! That is awesome. :)