Monday, May 28, 2012


Mike sent me some really beautiful pictures that I promised to share with you. There will be more of them but for now here’s what I got.

2012-05-26_14-22-42_755 2012-05-26_14-06-35_652

2012-05-26_14-07-34_282 2012-05-26_14-13-05_917

 2012-05-26_14-13-24_633 2012-05-26_14-13-31_717

I’ve got to do some research on this plaque. Wonder what it was all about and what happened?

  2012-05-26_14-21-58_240 2012-05-26_14-22-15_904


My boy, my son, my young man, my “I am so proud of you” kid!

Mike drove about 40 miles from school to the Snowy Range Mountains. It’s 10863 feet about sea level (Aitkin is 1200 feet). I love these pictures and Mike says when I get out there in just a few more weeks we’ll go and do some major hiking. I can’t wait.

Hope you’re all have a great Memorial weekend. Don’t forget the real reason we have the long weekend.

Thank you to all men and woman that have served our country. For the mamas, daddies, sisters, brothers, wives, kids, friends, for the sacrifices you have made for your soldier to make this land of ours free, safe and sound! Blessings to you all

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I found an awesome place…

To share some of the great pictures that we take as a family.

This week the theme is reflections and you all know what I think about sunsets so I submitted this one.

and this one…

I couldn’t pick just one of these so I submitted both and will see which one they like best.

We were camping up near the Chippewa National Forest when we took these.

Got some photos you want to share click on the little button up there and it’ll take you right to the perfect spot to do it.

Take care and have a blessed night sleep. It’s raining here again, we’ve had 7 inches in two days and now more is coming. Time to start building an ark or something.

We did go and do something fun between thunderstorms….didn’t catch a thing though.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rachel’s 6th grade graduation….

And I didn’t cry….WOW, now that was huge, I finally attended something and didn’t cry. Oh I puffed up with joy because she sought me out and would smile every time I wanted a picture. When they played the National Anthem I got teary eyed but heck I do that when I’m me normal. This girl makes me so very proud to be her daycare mama.

I was lucky and got there just as she was trying to get her hat to stay on her head. I didn’t have any bobby pins and neither did she but we got it on. We just put it on backwards, there’s elastic in the back and it just fit better the other way around and you couldn’t tell so it worked.


Here’s just some of the pictures I took of her graduation.

 100_9359 100_9364 

100_9366  100_9374

100_9378 100_9380

I don’t have a clue what the name of the song was they sang but it was an awesome song for this future class of 2018.

Want to see something else really cool?

Here is Rachel and my dad when she first started in my daycare. This is my most favorite picture. My daddy has been such a big part of my daycare all along. It is just so totally awesome to watch these guys/gals grow up. I LOVE IT!!! I am just so darn blessed to get to be apart of their families and they apart of mine.


Well I had to share this with you all. Kids, they do make the world go around and around.

Speaking of kids. Mike is doing awesome. He hasn’t missed a day of school, he’s passed each and every test with a great or at least pretty good grade. He’s been helping his tool mate to understand the things he’s great at, like electrical and rear ends and hydraulics. He is loving school and that is just plain perfect. Today he went up into the mountains with the intention of camping but the pass he went too just opened for the summer (last week it was still snowed shut) and the campgrounds weren’t opened yet so he took some pictures for me and when he shares them I’ll share them. Tomorrow he’s going to drive to Nebraska and go to one of their largest outlet stored, Cabala's. He’s excited to go. I found it hard this first month to see him as such a loner but it’s what he likes and I am adjusting. Really he’s always been a loner, he prefers his own company over a group of people and it very content to have a couple friends here and there but nothing to close. I need my close friends and just found it hard to except but he’s happy, he’s content, he’s enjoying his new life so I’m working on not bugging to much about it all.

I went garage saling with daddy today. Got four awesome deals.

Got this…100_9381and this..100_9387

and this…100_9382and this.100_9385All for $3.00. The coat needs a bath, the rug will be for the pool area when it’s set up, the cookbook is for Mike and the lamp, my favorite purchase is right now in the livingroom but once I get Mike’s bedroom turned into a sewing/retreat room for me I will put it in there.

So it’s now time to take the one load out of the dryer, put the next load in and get to working on replacing some window screens. I bought that heavy duty pet screening and it’s a bit harder to work with but sure hope it last longer then that thin stuff the cat can destroy in minutes by hanging on it.

Hope you’re having an awesome weekend. I’m working at it. The Julie that was on vacation is coming home and we have some work to do once she’s here to stay but for now it’s one day at a time and it’s working.

Take care my friends, Blessings to you all!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

My walking partners this week…and…


I so love this picture. Rachel and Abby walked with me this week on the 5K fitness trail in Aitkin. We aren’t fast by any means but we are out there moving our butts and I’m out there enjoying their company. I feel so honored that these girls want to be with me. Love our rosy cheeks, this is about the 1/2 point.


We stopped by the Healing Garden at our local hospital and I had to get pictures of the girls. Isn’t Abby a doll?


And “my” Rachel. I love this girl (really both lots and lots).

Our walk didn’t happen tonight, it’s been raining…almost 4” since yesterday. Our area is starting to flood and the Mississippi is close to flood stage. Also means there’s no way I’m planting my garden this weekend. Oh well, so be it.

Have to share this picture too. This is “my” Joss. She’s my one and only daycare kid during the school year which means we have lots of time to just do what we want. Like dancing, playing, painting and so much more.



                                     I so love her curls. :)

The weekend is almost here and only 3 days left of school. The bus has been interesting and a challenge. The kids have more ants in their pants and loud is an understatement. As much as I love driving bus, I think I’m ready for summer vacation and my 4-7 kids a day. Planning some field trips, buying some new toys and time to just enjoy the sunshine and sleeping in a full two hours longer.

Have an awesome Friday. 3 days off for most of us. I’m not sure what is planned except garage saling on Saturday, some shoveling of pearock, planting a couple small plants I got from my bus kids and grocery shopping.

Take care my friends. Blessings!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Finally I felt like doing something other then just living. I sewed today. I started out with a pouch and then decided to make a matching tote. I added a little bit of decorative stitching and lined both bags. Want to see?

 100_9349 100_9352

There’s a hard cardboard bottom that I covered with the outside fabric and the pocket on the outside is a double one. The pockets and handles are made from the inside material.

100_9356 100_9353

I added the detail stitching to reinforce the parts and to add just a touch of pretty. The pouch is just that a zipper pouch and it’s lined with the same fabric as the tote.


And here’s the two of them together. I am going to be selling these in August at our Heritage Days craft sale.

Now my machine is going to stay out for a few days. I have a couple more pouches and maybe a tote I’d like to do. We’ll see how the time goes. Joss today painted while I sewed and then we danced and the she watched Dora. It’s a rainy day here so the perfect day to try and get back into me.

Take care my friends and have a blessed afternoon.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Heaven is…..

100_9346 100_9343 

 100_9345 100_9344

Coming home and finding the dryer empty, the clothes hung up (even the sports bar and shorts), the sock and undies folded and I didn’t do it.

I am loving the help that Jim is giving me on things. Sunday he fixed us supper, corn dogs and corn on the cob. This is going to work my friends, the being just the two of us is going to work. I’m not afraid any more. We hold hands, we sit on the swing and just talk and dream and I still go out to the garage and help with this and that. I still shovel and plant and more but other then when we both are working we aren’t alone. This still has a ways to go but a good strong start. Loving it and loving Jim.

Hope you’re having a great week. Blessings!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

5K, planting flowers, mama and …

So today was my first 5K fitness walk without Mike. I did it, I’m glad and I didn’t do it alone. Rachel my oldest daycare wee one walked with me today. She’s been with me for almost 13 years and she’s as much mine as her real mama (well close) and she knew just how hard today was and sorta just took my walk by the hand and became my partner. Her mama and my best friend walked together but both didn’t feel up to the full 5K so they cut their walk short but Rachel and I walked it in 54 minutes. Now that is no where near the best time I’ve ever had but it’s Rachel’s best time and that really was what it was all about in the end, her being there for me and completing her first 5K. It really was fun to walk with her and just listen to her tell me all she wanted to share plus how much she misses Mike too. No crying today, some tears but nothing terrible. Here’s some pictures…

0519120901b 0519120921a

0519120903achix5-19-12 009

For Mother’s day Jim bought me flowers and the helped me plant them. It is something he has never done for me. He’s trying too.

0513121403a 0513121346a

We went fishing and had a blast. Now to tell you Jim took me fishing is something that’s sorta cool. Jim hates fishing, he hates fish but he says he loves the time with me so we took the little boat down to my parents little lake and went fishing.

0513121857a 0513121749a

0513121756a 0513121801c


I been in the need of a new sandbox for the daycare kids. We had a big one but have stole the sand from there for so many years it was just fine for something new. So I took the one-ton truck to the gravel pit and got a load of sand. Now I know the kids will have fun. I keep the toys all piled in the sandbox to keep the chickens from roosting in it.

 0509121150a 0509121911a

Then I went and got another load for us to add to the garden for extra drainage. The soil is now so soft and great looking. Just another couple of weeks and we’ll be able to plant.

 0511122021a 0513121655a

Last night I went to one of my dear friends daughters graduation. Kim's daughter Abby is a special needs child and such a sweet and special child and I don’t mean just special. She is such a sweet and wonderful daughter and friend. The hugs she gives me are so full of love. Congratulation Abby.



Today I took my mama for a cart ride. I wanted to share some of the sights she hasn’t seen in a while. We had a great time and really enjoyed our time together. I love this picture of mama. She is so beautiful!!


So there’s part of my week in pictures. Not to much time to sit and home and brood which is good. Things are getting better. Soon it will be time again to put my all into strengthen and toning up the hunk of chub.

Hope you all have a great and blessed weekend.