Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rachel’s 6th grade graduation….

And I didn’t cry….WOW, now that was huge, I finally attended something and didn’t cry. Oh I puffed up with joy because she sought me out and would smile every time I wanted a picture. When they played the National Anthem I got teary eyed but heck I do that when I’m me normal. This girl makes me so very proud to be her daycare mama.

I was lucky and got there just as she was trying to get her hat to stay on her head. I didn’t have any bobby pins and neither did she but we got it on. We just put it on backwards, there’s elastic in the back and it just fit better the other way around and you couldn’t tell so it worked.


Here’s just some of the pictures I took of her graduation.

 100_9359 100_9364 

100_9366  100_9374

100_9378 100_9380

I don’t have a clue what the name of the song was they sang but it was an awesome song for this future class of 2018.

Want to see something else really cool?

Here is Rachel and my dad when she first started in my daycare. This is my most favorite picture. My daddy has been such a big part of my daycare all along. It is just so totally awesome to watch these guys/gals grow up. I LOVE IT!!! I am just so darn blessed to get to be apart of their families and they apart of mine.


Well I had to share this with you all. Kids, they do make the world go around and around.

Speaking of kids. Mike is doing awesome. He hasn’t missed a day of school, he’s passed each and every test with a great or at least pretty good grade. He’s been helping his tool mate to understand the things he’s great at, like electrical and rear ends and hydraulics. He is loving school and that is just plain perfect. Today he went up into the mountains with the intention of camping but the pass he went too just opened for the summer (last week it was still snowed shut) and the campgrounds weren’t opened yet so he took some pictures for me and when he shares them I’ll share them. Tomorrow he’s going to drive to Nebraska and go to one of their largest outlet stored, Cabala's. He’s excited to go. I found it hard this first month to see him as such a loner but it’s what he likes and I am adjusting. Really he’s always been a loner, he prefers his own company over a group of people and it very content to have a couple friends here and there but nothing to close. I need my close friends and just found it hard to except but he’s happy, he’s content, he’s enjoying his new life so I’m working on not bugging to much about it all.

I went garage saling with daddy today. Got four awesome deals.

Got this…100_9381and this..100_9387

and this…100_9382and this.100_9385All for $3.00. The coat needs a bath, the rug will be for the pool area when it’s set up, the cookbook is for Mike and the lamp, my favorite purchase is right now in the livingroom but once I get Mike’s bedroom turned into a sewing/retreat room for me I will put it in there.

So it’s now time to take the one load out of the dryer, put the next load in and get to working on replacing some window screens. I bought that heavy duty pet screening and it’s a bit harder to work with but sure hope it last longer then that thin stuff the cat can destroy in minutes by hanging on it.

Hope you’re having an awesome weekend. I’m working at it. The Julie that was on vacation is coming home and we have some work to do once she’s here to stay but for now it’s one day at a time and it’s working.

Take care my friends, Blessings to you all!!


Debsdailylife said...

What an awesome day!!!
And you are so very right!! One day at a time!!!

Sarah G said...

You sound so much more positive today!!! I am so glad!

Baby Sister said...

I'm glad Mike has been doing well at school!! Glad you're doing well too. :)

Mike Riley said...

I wish I could have been there. I miss you.

Angela Pea said...

LOL...Julie, you have discovered the Great Difference between young men and young women. Young men mostly DO prefer their own company, young women prefer to run in flocks. I used to worry about my boys not having as many friends as my girls. Now, not so much. They're fine.

Yeah for Mike being content, learning some fabulous things and being comfortable in his own skin. You did a good job bringing him to adulthood.

AND - I love the picture of your dad and Rachel!

Have a wonderful day.