Sunday, May 27, 2012

I found an awesome place…

To share some of the great pictures that we take as a family.

This week the theme is reflections and you all know what I think about sunsets so I submitted this one.

and this one…

I couldn’t pick just one of these so I submitted both and will see which one they like best.

We were camping up near the Chippewa National Forest when we took these.

Got some photos you want to share click on the little button up there and it’ll take you right to the perfect spot to do it.

Take care and have a blessed night sleep. It’s raining here again, we’ve had 7 inches in two days and now more is coming. Time to start building an ark or something.

We did go and do something fun between thunderstorms….didn’t catch a thing though.



Mike Riley said...

I would rather have the your rain, than the 50 mph gusts and constant wind.

Kyra said...

Fabulous sunset photos!

Shawn said...

Beautiful pictures!

Baby Sister said...

Those are absolutely beautiful, Julie. :)