Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lord I Lift Your Name On High : Rick Founds

Lord I Lift Your Name On High : Rick Founds

Feeling down, listen. Heck just listen even if all is great!


P.S. I'm alive, moving, keeping busy and counting the days until I get to visit Mike. Fishing, hiking, scouting, busing, daycaring, wifing, mowing, gardening and is good. Trying hard to learn to adapt.


Shawn said...

Love, Love, Love this song!! One (among many) of my all time favorites!!

Blessings friend,

E. Jane said...

I also love this song! It sounds like things are getting better for you. Take good care of yourself!

Shannon said...

I will listen to this song later-my husband started night shift this week-this is his 1st night off and he's asleep. I shall not wake him. :)

I like your countdown!


By the way, I combined my running, reading,and teaching blogs into a new one to simplify my life!

Pam Lofton said...

Keeping busy is a great way to pass the time. Just don't get so busy you forget to notice all the beauty around you!