Thursday, January 1, 2015

You guys are awesome….

I am so loving that some of us are reconnecting. It has been awesome to be contacted but a few of you and you are saying you are here for me. I left all of you in the lurch when I fell off the face of the earth but I am back and you guys are here. IT IS AWESOME!!!! Thank you guys, really truly. I am in the need and will except all the help, emails, comments and prayers.

Pam at emptynest did a quiz about finding your mantra and committing to it and yourself. I did the quiz and my mantra is “I am here”. I had to do some thinking about that. And what I came up with is “I am here, in the now”. No matter what I’m doing I will be doing the in the now. Breakfast with Mike, I will sit down and talk to him……..nothing else. At my parents, I will be in the now, just doing what they need, not thinking about what else I need to be doing else where’s. When I ask Jim how his day was, stop doing everything and listen. How about sex? Just thinking about the pleasure, given and received, not what’s next or …. The kids on the bus, I don’t have to hurry any where’s, I can sit at their stop for a couple minutes or pull over and listen when they need me too. For my friends, all of you, I will listen and enjoy the time you are giving me. “I am here, in the now” I promise!

Tomorrow will be day one. “I am here”, for me too. I can take care of me.

Blessings my friends.


Gwen said...

I like it!!

I already have a mantra, but it's lengthy. So I took the quiz, and got "I am open."

NOTHING could've fit me better. Thanks!!

Who Moved My Donut? said...

I also got "I Am Here" on the quiz. It's something I need to mull over a little, but I love your point of view and I wish you so much joy in this New Year!

Sarah G said...

My quiz results were "I got this". Yes, yes I do. :)

Running Stitches said...

My mantra for 2015 is "I am open". I can't argue with it.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I got I am Here as well. makes me think that I need to stop and enjoy the present. My mind is always rolling. Heres to a great 2015,

Baby Sister said...

I like it! That's something I definitely need to work on as well.