Thursday, January 16, 2014

Looks like pea soup….

Okay, I told you I’d make up a green smoothie. I looked all over the internet for recipes and there are thousands of them. So I just took this sheet

Create your own yummy green smoothie with this awesome chart that breaks it all down.    — and made up something from it, sorta.

Here’s my ingredients except didn’t need the unsweetened raspberry jam.


First the spinach.. 1cup 100_1355 than the almond milk...1 cup 100_1356 

and blend them up. 100_1357. My blender isn’t new by any means so wasn’t sure it could handle chopping up the carrots and apples and ice so used my handi dandi little chopper.  100_1358 100_1360 100_1361 100_1363 100_1366 100_1367.  I put all of this plus 3/4 cup banana100_1364 in the blender and let it go and go and go100_1365.  And out came this stuff that looks like pea soup. Now the big thing for me is the smell, if it smells off, bad, gross I won’t even try it. I can’t help that, it’s from driving truck for so many year and smelling my food to make sure it was editable.


It sorta tastes like it looks. Foamy, bubbly stuff. It doesn’t taste bad, it doesn’t taste wonderful but it’s palatable. It’s a bit gritty and sticks to the sides of the glass and it’s not cold enough. But I will keep trying because this experiment wasn’t horrible. I need to freeze my fruit, that would really help the coldness and I did read that many places. Maybe carrots aren’t the best veggie to add but I love carrots so maybe will chop them up finer and see. The banana over powers the apple but not by to much so maybe next time use different fruits if I have them. I always have apples and banana’s and in the freezer are lots of raspberries from last fall. Maybe grapes or oranges. I want this to be good for me, filling and taste good so will keep trying. This smoothie adds up to 248 calories for 20 oz. It has 52 carbs, 23 grams sugar and 11 grams of fiber. So a bit high in carbs and sugar but if it’s filling and can take the place of a meal then it will be just fine. 

So my very first ever green smoothie. You want to make up one and share?

Blessings my friends.


Empty Nester said...

I can't do smoothies unless I use my juicer. The food processor and blender just don't do it for me. LOL

Cindy said...

I was okay with almond milk but my boyfriend didn't like it. I would try OJ or just water. Definitely put ice in it so it's cold and it won't be so foamy. The almond milk may also be making it foamy too. The ice also seems to help liquify it more so it's not gritty.

If the banana taste is too strong i get the flavored yogurt - the big container and put a scoop or two in.

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

I love green smoothies. I just use water, no almond milk. Mine is gritty too but tastes good. I like adding citrus to mine, either pineapple or an orange. I buy a mix of strawberry, pineapple, peach and mango at Sam's club. I mix that with an apple and a banana and a whole bunch of greens. Yum. I love starting my day that way.

Debsdailylife said...

Keep playing!! You will find what you like!!! I usually do Spinach, milk, peanut butter, half banana, frozen strawberries/blueberries. I agree, the colder the better!! I always beat my ice so it tastes more like a shake!

Michele said...

I adore smoothies, but make them with yogurt and frozen fruit. You have me thinking about a greener smoothie!

Melanie O'Brien said...

Smoothies are great cause they are so versitile! If you find you don't like the almond milk, try coconut milk or yogurts they work great also. It is really good if you have frozen fruit, I like the slushier/colder smoothies myself & it can sometimes help with the foamy/grittiness. I haven't tried carrots in a smoothy yet but I'd say the whole experience has a lot to do with the appliance you use so make sure you get things chopped up to a puree like consistency if your blender doesn't do that very well, it will help some also. Other than that you just keep mixing things until you find what you like. Banana is always a great one for sweetness & flavor but a little goes a long way so you may want to leave that out until you taste your mix & then if you feel it needs a banana add a chunk or 2.

Baby Sister said...

Pretty good first experiment, sounds like it's okay.

Caron said...

I do make smoothies but they are not green. You are more adventurous than I am. :)