Monday, January 20, 2014


I took Mike’s old school desk and refinished the top and painted the drawers. I know painting the top sometimes wears off from wear or gets scratched so I just sanded it and varnished it. The drawers took me time. The most time was in deciding the color. I wanted an orange, that is my most favorite color now. But it can’t be orange like hunting orange, I like more sunset orange. I looked at color swatches and finally had Mike help me decide. I like how it turned out.


Today I I had off so I created in my craft room. First I made up a dozen string scarves for Deb's daughter Amber. She’s been excepted into the World Race Mission 

and needs to raise quite a bit of money to do this mission work. So I am trying to help them out a bit by making them some scarves to sell and also some jewelry.


If anyone has some ideas to help these wonderful woman raise some money they would love to hear about it. Amber has been making and selling cookies, cleaning house and much other to raise the money. I’m going to see what other things I can come up with helping.

100_1342 100_1341

I went out for a walk the other morning. A short one but still a walk. It was mighty chilly but not a lick of wind so –30 isn’t as bad as it sounds. It’s that wind that drives the cold right through you. We are headed for another deep freeze the next few days. Long Johns on again tomorrow.


My to do list grows and grows. I got most of mine done last week but another one started this morning. Notice the last typed words? One day to craft…please. It didn’t happen last week but it did today. YEAH!!!

I got a call from my boss today. One mother called the bus garage asking for them to please tell me to be careful. Her boys were diagnosed with influenca A and that is a really bad flu, the one that last 4-5 days with temp up to 105*. She didn’t want me to get sick and if I did to know what it probably was and to watch out. My boss was concerned and asked me to please tell him if I even feel a bit sick. I’m fine and plan on staying that way but it was nice to know a parent and my boss were concerned.

Well that’s my catch up post for the day. I hope that this finds you all well and happy. A new week to do our best to be as healthy as we can. To learn as much as possible and to share this with others.

Blessings my friends!!


Marc said...

For a year I was a part time letter carrier on a walking route. Even without wind -30 is cold. At least to me. Be careful:)

Michele said...

Hi Julie,
Love the craft room that you have made for yourself! Orange is a beautiful color and the desk looks great.

Yes, it is bloody cold here in MN. Glad I was able to get in some exercise while I was away last week. I did cross country ski yesterday, but not today nor tomorrow. Stay warm. Hope that flu doesn't come!

Baby Sister said...

I like the desk!! It's cute. :) Good luck with the finding time to craft. ;)

Debsdailylife said...

LOVE your desk!! Its amazing!!! I love to cross things off my to do list!! Dont really like to add new things to it tho :/!!
Youre crafts are so beautiful!!! Thank you!!!