Thursday, January 9, 2014

Been reading and wondering….

I hear, I read, I listen, I wonder….all about these green smoothies. Since I’m working on coming up with a good, repeatable menu plan I thought about giving this a try. I have to figure out the calories and such but I am betting having one of these when I get back from driving, the other 1/2 before I head back to driving and a good dinner I should survive. I have read about people being hungry a couple of hours later so someone said add a bit of extra protein. I know I like fruit smoothies but green ones …. I’m going to try. Want to try with me and than tell your thoughts?

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Marc said...

Hi Julie - I've never tried a green smoothie. I was juicing for awhile, but loaned my juicer to a daughter last summer and haven't had it returned. I have a 57 yr old sister-in-law that does smoothies and adds spinach and baby kale along with some avocados to her whey protein smoothies. She also puts in frozen blueberries and banana's and almond milk. Anyway...she claims you can't taste the greens in her smoothies. (How much she adds is the question) People are always telling Christine how much she resembles Sheryl Crow. She likes the comparison. Let us know how you like the green smoothies:)

Melanie O'Brien said...

I've had green smoothies & they are pretty great! Depending on the fruit you pair with the greens & how much of the greens you use, you can't really taste them. The green color was a little offputting for me at first, or sometimes it ended up being brown depending on what else I put in it, but I put it in a glass were I couldn't really see the color & all was good:-) Start off with spinach greens & banana that's a great combo & if the banana is on the riper side then that flavor overpowers teh spinach for ya. From there you can work up to the stronger flavored greens. I have a thing about drinking smoothies in the winter, cause I like them cold & on the slushy side, so I haven't had any for a while but come Spring I'm all over that again:-)

Cindy said...

I can't taste the green. I only use spinach. Kale was still too gritty no matter how long I blended it for.

Add chia seeds - they help digestion.

Thickening agents: banana / yogurt / rolled oats

You'll notice when you put in banana and other fruit, it will still taste like banana.

I'm using frozen fruit now. Replaces the ice I would put in.

I've experimented quite a bit. Some tastes great, some I've had to dump down the sink. I drink them when nothing else sounds good to eat.

Baby Sister said...

If it were me, I would use spinach. I love that green.

Cindy said...

I got your comment. chia seeds were from sprouts. $16 i think for a big bag. you only need a spoonful for a smoothie so they will last a long time.

rolled oats, yes, the same used for cookies. it really depends on the taste/texture you end up liking. banana makes EVERYTHING tastes like banana now matter how much other flavoring you put in. yogurt tastes good but can have that yogurt "texture" which i don't really like.

i use OJ, or water, or milk to liquify.

frozen fruit was easy for me to use, but fresh fruit is just as good. You'll just need to put some ice in so it gets cold.

I kinda end up throwing in whatever I have around the kitchen. :)