Saturday, September 8, 2012

Not dead….adjusting….

Well the first part week is over with no kids. It is interesting not having toys all over the house. Today I did a good cleaning and put everything away. Oh I still have Joss (my littlest one) next Tuesday and Friday and I did have after school daycare on Friday but it’s not the same as every day. Starting Monday I work full time driving bus. I work for both districts on Monday and then just one for the rest of the week. I get to work with special needs young adults which really will be different from the wee ones and regular bus kids but it’s a challenge I’m up to and will enjoy.

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This has been my goal this weekend. Just to relax and not worry. It has been a hard year so far but I am hoping that things can calm down and get into a groove and just get better. Now life isn’t bad, it never is….it’s just had some really tough moments.Pinned Image

My new challenge has been going pretty darn good, even with it being my TOM I lost a pound. Now comes more planning ahead. With being out of the house by 5:45 in the morning, getting back at 10, leaving again at 1:30 and getting back home at 6, well meals better be planned. Also the water, you just can’t pull over and go potty with a bus load of kids so holding it is an issues so not drinking before the runs make getting in a gallon of water a day interesting, not impossible, just interesting.

I hope all is well with you guys. Take care and have an awesome weekend. Blessings!!!


Caron said...

I like your post-it. When my kids were little and I would get the whole house clean all at one time, I would stand in the middle and look around and think, "Enjoy this because it will be gone in about ten minutes."

I hear you on the water. When I'm working or traveling, I will purposefully not drink much because I have to find a potty too often. It will take a 20 minute slice out of your travel day just to get off the freeway and go to the bathroom!

I'm glad you have a full time job now.

deanna said...

You must be so tired at the end of the day! :/
Good luck adjusting to your new schedule :)

deanna said...

You must be so tired at the end of the day! :/
Good luck adjusting to your new schedule :)

Betty WSch. said...

I hope you enjoy your new/old full time job. I have another blog friend who has been a school bus driver for 20 years and she loves her work.
Good luck with meal planing too!

E. Jane said...

Congrats on working the challenge, and I hope that your new job goes well for you. I know that it will be a good change for you, Julie. I'm sure the kids will love you. Take care.

Baby Sister said...

Oy those make for long days....I'm sorry!! I love that note. :)