Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Honesty is the best policy…right?…

So since this is a weight loss blog (along with my life blog) I figured it’s time to be totally honest with you guys and tell you how it really is, at least for me that is.

As much as I would love to say I lost 60 lbs and have been doing awesome it would be a lie that would make Pinocchio nose grow longer then a 50’ Christmas tree. Now I didn’t gain all my weight back, just almost 1/2 of it. You see, finding out Mike was going to college far away, dealing with family illness, dealing with hubby issues, well dealing with some negativity stuff I just did not handle well. I did try and I tried hard but I guess not hard enough to be where I was really happy. So this brings me to now and the beginning of another journey to losing 30 lbs and getting to a happy healthy weight.

I can’t go backwards, I can look back and learn though and I think that’s what I have been doing this month. I chose September to get back to life. Get back to taking care of me and getting happy, healthy and strong again.

I joined in on Allan’s Challenge, Grandson of the DDD Challenge Grandson of the DDD Challenge. I know how some of you feel about Allan and I am not here to argue with you. I’m here to just say he has helped me in many ways both personal and business and most importantly the weight loss so I’m giving this challenge my all. I’ve lost 9 lbs so far and am hoping to keep it up. It’s a bit difficult working the two bus jobs, a daycare day here and there, activities, scouts, family and more but I am going to give all. I’m not going to share or post regularly about this challenge. This one is for me to get back to where I want to be before the holidays start up. However I still think blogging and be accountable for what I’m doing is a big help so once a week I’ll check in and tell you what’s what and how things are going. What I’ve learned and what stupid stuff I’ve done to not get to where I want to be.

I’ll still be sharing my regular life too, heck I have too cuz sometimes there are things that just have to be shared.

0910121103a Like being a gardener here. It’s a “cabin” for our neighbors. They have worked hard in their lives and now have this cabin up here on our lake and they had planted some 20 new 5-6’ pine trees and since it’s dry here I water them 3 times a week for better than an hour each day. It’s not a money maker but I was able to get groceries without any problems the past couple of weeks.

0909121634b Jim and I spent yesterday shooting up 450 rounds of .22. We found out I’m the better shot between the two of us and had a blast for 3 hours.

My walking partners this weekend were much different then my usual ones. As we were walking by our neighbors farm these guys/gals ran over to the fence and joined us from fence line to fence line.

0908121205a 0908121204a

My usual partners.


My mama’s room is now finished except waiting for some wall art to put up. I bought her a new sewing machine, sorta like mine (mines the in the back), and she’s already made drapes for the kitchen and repaired some of my dad’s jeans.


Today between bus runs I’m roasting these. I get home after 6 each night (my day starts at 6) and starting next week I even have some activities that will get me home after midnight, so planning is the key to all my meals now. Thank goodness for menu ideas because I’m a menu dummy and for some stupid reason can’t put two and two together to make anything decent. But my garden is doing awesome so here’s what I did up.


Carrots, sweet potatoes, red potatoes, some purple weird ones I tried out, yellow, red, orange and green peppers, garlic, zucchini, and acorn squash. Add a bit of chicken breast and there is at least 3 good dinners here and a lunch too. I have tomatoes galore so will slice some of them up to add to the mix. Can’t beat it.

So that’s life here. Learning to eat right, make a living and combine the two into making me healthy, wealthy and wise.

Blessings my friends!


Forever Young said...

I don't think there is one person who's lost weight and hasn't hit some sort of bump in the road. There's a few of us that keep hitting the same bump.

You sound like you're ready to get started again. Wishing you a successful journey!

Empty Nester said...

Well, that's it then. I'm moving in with you. I just can't pass up on your cooking any longer! :) Those look seriously delicious! I hear ya on the gain back- I did too. Not quite half but it might as well be. I have a new job! I was offered the job as computer lab teacher at the elementary school the lovelies attended and I took it! There are three labs and one is upstairs- I climbed those things 11 times on Monday; 10 times yesterday and a mere 6 times today. I'm looking at it as exercise. Plus, I'm still doing the Synergy thing every day. I've also cut the sugar- even if it's organic. I read on Dr. Mercola's site that coconut sugar, organic cane sugar, even honey all contain fructose. So I've switched completely to Stevia and dextrose. That should make a huge difference because I do LOVE me some sugar! I've just got to get this weight off, Julie. I've just got too. I think of you every single day girl! Sending you big hugs! Say hi to Mike for me!

Empty Nester said...

Oh, I've never tried Allan's way, but if it works for you---DO IT! At least you've found your way.

Caron said...

You're doing great. The food looks delicious. I hardly ever take the time to roast vegetables even though I like them. I will roast Brussels sprouts if I have them. :)

Jo said...

You have indeed had some life getting in your way lately. But you have hung on and not completely lost it. If you lost 60, you can lose 30. You are smarter this time around. Go back and look at what you wrote here when you were feeling so good about your weight declining, how positive you were, little tricks you shared with us, and all the encouragement you spread around. Remember doing it for your health and for your family. And most of all, for yourself. I am cheering for you, girl!

Michele said...

I am just glad you are caring for yourself, Julie. Whatever works is what I say. Life throws us many curve balls. Here is hoping you hit this new challenge out of the ballpark.

Your mom's sewing and craft room looks great. Love the lights around the window. I feel strongly that one can never have too many Christmas lights!

Baby Sister said...

That casserole dish looks amazing!!

Kyra said...

OK... um... I have no idea who Allan is or what method we're talking about? :)

gracies tough journey said...

Best of luck to you. I know you will do great in the DDD. I am cheering for you!!!! God Bless Gracie

Betty WSch. said...

I was tempted to do Allan's Challenge too, but knew I wouldn't stick to it. I think I need to re-group and get my groove back first. I'm happy for you, that you are back on track and judging by the food your made, looks like the weight will be back off soon too.
Good luck Julie!!

upinthecosmos said...

I know how it is to regain back lost weight... I'm in the same boat & just recently changed my tracker on myfitnesspal to reflect the fact that I did cause I felt maybe that would help kick me in the butt! I've been trying to get back on track so this week I'm doing that again and so far so good:-) I can't even say I've had it as hard as you, I really have no excuse! I hope things are looking up for you and everything goes well as you get back to it with whatever plan works for you:-)

Sunshine's Heart said...

I'm glad you got into Allan's challenge, Julie. He is a tough taskmaster and I wish I could get in too but I think I will have to do this myself. I've regained much more than you and so have farther to go. It will have to be the hard way this time as my appetite is a constant battle. Hang in there. I am wishing you well and praying for you.