Saturday, July 23, 2016


It was so awesome to check my mail tonight and see a couple comments. Thank you!

Today was a busy day. Really I had planned on being lazy and sleep in....or at least playing on my phone for an hour or so but it didn't happen that way. My hubby called my son for some help who in turned called me to come along so at 8:30 we were in town getting a freezer out of my husband aunts basement and taking it to my husbands parents home. That thing was huge and weighed a ton but it was taken care. Than Mike and I went to the farmers market and picked up some fresh snap peas, fresh baked bonnie buns and a jar of strawberry jam. Than we went for a drive before ending up at home. 

 This summer has been a very different one weather wise for us. Lots of flooding and lots of heat.
 Jim and I went to Hill City this afternoon and the destruction for the last storm was terrible. We've lost some trees and have had some flooding but nothing compared to that poor town. They have been without power since Tuesday and it's been near 100* each day since. Pray for this town please.

 After we were there we went to Grand Rapids to do a bit of shopping. There is this little surplus thrift shop we stopped at once before and I found this awesome wooden box that I made into this.....(Mike and I went to Pebble beach near Split Rock Light House this past spring and collected special rocks).
I didn't find any wooden boxes or drawers so saved some money today but I did like the look of this. I am not positive what it is but maybe a cherry pitter? It was just cool looking anyways.
 After getting home I went to mama and daddy's and it had been a difficult day for them so I told mama to just go relax on the porch and enjoy a cup of coffee and I'd take care of daddy. I gave him a hair cut and than a shower and than put him to bed. Not as easy as typing it but what I do on a daily bases. 

So that's it for now. Except.........we have a new member of our family. I'll introduce her on my next post but I want you to try and guess. 
You get two hints.....
  • Little and soft
  • Wilbur picked her and named her 
So good night my friends and thank you again for being here after a year gone. 



Gaia Wise Ways said...

You have yourself a milk separatpr Julie! They are such a cool way to use for decorating...anywhere...I used them for planters on the farm!

Love Ya, Terri

Lowcarb team member said...

Storms can and do bring destruction ... sending positive thoughts and prayers to all who have been affected.

It's nice to collect special rocks.

All the best Jan

Baby Sister said...

Storms can be so beautiful and so destructive.

Your rock art is pretty! You're so creative, Julie. :)