Friday, July 22, 2016

one year ago or so ....

One year ago I did a Minutes post. I think I'll start up again with one of those posts.

:: Thankful
  •  for my husband. Without him I am positive I would go bonkers. 
  •  for my son. Without him I would never get to go and do awesome things.
  •  for being able to take 75% of the summer off to care for my parents.
  •  for my parents, for the love they share with me every single day.  
  •  for the Lord giving me friends in which I can complain to, cry to and lean on.
 :: Prayerful
  •  for patience and strength to keep being able to care for my parents.
  •  that the good Lord keeps my grandma around for a while longer cuz she listens and cares and makes sure I know that I am loved and appreciated.
:: Excited
  •  for this 100* weather to end
  •  for a girls night out. I hosted one last month and want to do it again.
  •  for a trip in October that Mike and I booked
  •  for school to start in 4 weeks 
:: Health
  • the never ending battle with over eating and being overweight
  • for not getting as sick as I was this past spring with bronchitis, pneumonia and double ear infection. 
:: Fun
  •  One camping trip down, hoping for at least one more if not two (same as a year ago it seems)
:: Delicious
  •  pork roast on the dinner spinner or maybe the grill
  •  brats on the grill with some friends
  •  corn on the cob, fresh peppers, fresh cucumbers, peas and beans
:: This week
  •  Driving preschool summer school. They sure are tiny and smart.
  •  Lots of care for mama and daddy. 
  •  Doctors visit for mama
  •  Music in the Park with daddy
  •  A train ride to Two Harbors with mama and daddy
And just a couple pictures of what has happened or special things we did....

Blessings my friends to whomever takes the time to stop by and visit.


E. Jane said...

Great photos, Julie! So nice to see you on your blog.

Empty Nester said...

I'm so glad you're getting this uninterrupted time with your family! I know you are enjoying your summer time off. I'm shocked that y'all are having this 100-degree weather, though! You seem to have extremes up there. :)

Lowcarb team member said...

Lovely photo's you've shared here.

All the best Jan

Baby Sister said...

You all look happy, I'm glad to see that. It's amazing all that we have to be grateful for.