Wednesday, March 25, 2015

While there’s time…..

Good morning to all my friends. It’s hump day, yeah!!! My school has spring break next week. That means we will have 10 days off including the weekends. Another YEAH!!! So many things that need to be done and just maybe I can get some of the done. Between two households and spring I am finding there’s lots.

So with that I have decided that it’s time to take time for me. It’s only little steps and small bits of time but it’s something.

I have gone back to tracking my food and instead of the 10,000 steps that we are suppose to get I’m getting in 5000 or more. Heck I’ve done this before I know the rules to really get into a healthy lifestyle but for me, small bits.

I started on Saturday the 21st. Reasonable/healthy eating over the weekend and really got into it on Monday. I fasted on Monday, yesterday fasted 3/4 of the day and had a healthy dinner, today I fixed myself 3oz steak chunk and 2 farm fresh scrambled eggs with cheese and sweet peppers and am thinking will fast the rest of the day. The reasoning I have for the fasting is I am such an over eater that I need to shrink my stomach a bit so a real size portion will be filling. Will it work, I’m hoping and so far the scale is in agreement.

At the same time of taking care of the physical me, I’m working on the Christian me. Devotion reading in the morning and working on quiet time. Meditation doesn’t work for me…at least not yet but quiet time I can do. I head to work in the afternoon 15 minutes early so that I can just sit and be for a little bit.

All of this is just bits but it’s bits I haven’t taken for me in quite some time and I need them.

I am spending lots of time helping my parents but it seems we have come to a routine that is working, for now. Daddy has made another step in his Alzheimer's and though it’s not good we know worse is coming so learning to deal and do as we go. Mama’s memory from her stoke has returned some, I don’t think it’ll ever be what it was. But we are working with this too. So far they can do 80% of their physical life stuff and 20% of the mental part but that’s 100% they are trying. And I am learning to run two households and both Jim and Mike have been amazing about the time I can’t be here. It’s working.

I want you all to know how much I appreciate you and your awesome comments and emails. Some days it’s just the perfect support I need to make it through it all.  THANK YOU!!!


Gwen said...

Hi Julie,

You are dealing with so so much. I'm so sorry.

I can understand the fasting. It's a way to exert some control. How about a more meat-based diet, coupled with some IF (intermittent fasting)...? Might be the best of both worlds. Just a thought. :)

Baby Sister said...

Good for you!! I'm glad you're finding a balance and I'm glad you're taking time for you.

Marc C said...

Hi Julie, I'm going to try that intermittent fasting for the next few weeks. I hope I can do it. You are tougher than me.

Running Stitches said...

Julie, take those bits of time and really enjoy them without feeling guilty. You deserve it. Take Care.

Lowcarb team member said...

So pleased to hear you are going to have a little me time,enjoy it and don't feel guilty.

Hope the Intermittent Fasting goes well - a lot of people do use this to great benefit.

Take Care and God Bless

All the best Jan

Michele said...

You always have an upbeat disposition even when times are tough. So glad you are taking small but good steps to care for YOU!

Angela Pea said...

Love You! Praying for you daily as you navigate this period of your life.

Jill said...

So happy to hear you are making time for you! So important for staying healthy. Hope things settle down for you some soon. Thinking of you and always wishing you well! Have a great weekend!