Saturday, July 19, 2014


I have had some long hours this past week or more and Wilbur has been missing me something terrible. He hates to ride but still goes with us when able. He hides his head under the seat and just pretends the world isn’t there. Anyways, today he bugged and bugged while I was doing chores and I knew what he wanted but I can’t take him to work with me ….. or can I. Mike was coming out to the house to do some business and it was about an hour after I got to work so I did what he wanted, he got to go for a ride and spend the first 45 minutes at work while I got everything done outside and ready to open. He enjoyed his time with me and I’m hoping that it eased his mind a bit when mama is gone so long.


My boy, my protector, my friend, my …. well just mine!!

Blessing my friends!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

And the news….

And smarter they are ….. because they took a young man that knows a bit about lots of things and hired him in a position that they can teach him, mold him and inspire him. He has been hired as an Engineer and a trainee in robotics. He gets to use his many talents from college and other jobs such as welding, plasma machining, fabrication and manufacturing. His wages are that of a trainee but with great potential. This is what he’s been looking for, something challenging and exciting. It is the answer to his and our prayers. And we have your love and support to thank too.

Mike works 4 10 hours days but also has an hour travel both ways. He’s thought about moving closer but that makes him further from friends and family and that is not what he wants so he is selling all his extra things such as guns and equipment, his dirt bike and his very first car – a suburban, and whatever else we can come up with so he can get a good size down payment on a new to him 4 wheel driver or all wheel drive vehicle. There are times in life that I wish I could help him more than just being supportive but I also know that this is how we grow and learn and become the people/person we want to be.

I am very proud of Mike. He has picked himself up and dusted himself off a few more times than most people have too but we also know less than lots so for all of this he/we are very thankful. Life’s lessons is making Mike into the man he really wants to be. It is awesome being the mama and getting to be part of it and watching and learning also.

So there you have the update. Isn’t it really truly awesome?!!!!

Blessings my friends!!!!

Monday, July 7, 2014

My daddy and I went on a hike today…

And my camera died so I had to use my cell phone but for this one time the pictures turned out awesome. As you drive around the little lake you can see this white patch on our back hill. Last year Mike mowed it for camping and this year nothing has been done so the flowers took over. I love the fact they follow the path up the hill.






So enjoy the pictures my friends and I am going to get ready for bed. It’s been a long afternoon/evening at the golf course and now tomorrow I have daycare. No complaints from me, I’m loving it.


Please pray for Mike…


It’s his turn for that gray cloud to move away and for some sunshine to flood into his life. He has given his all and it is time for him to be rewarded. Please pray for Mike.

Blessings my friends!!!