Saturday, July 19, 2014


I have had some long hours this past week or more and Wilbur has been missing me something terrible. He hates to ride but still goes with us when able. He hides his head under the seat and just pretends the world isn’t there. Anyways, today he bugged and bugged while I was doing chores and I knew what he wanted but I can’t take him to work with me ….. or can I. Mike was coming out to the house to do some business and it was about an hour after I got to work so I did what he wanted, he got to go for a ride and spend the first 45 minutes at work while I got everything done outside and ready to open. He enjoyed his time with me and I’m hoping that it eased his mind a bit when mama is gone so long.


My boy, my protector, my friend, my …. well just mine!!

Blessing my friends!


Empty Nester said...

That's so sweet! Tucker gets like that when school is in. I'm dreading leaving him every day even though it's only eight hours. I miss him terribly while I'm at school! Dogs are the BEST, aren't they?

Baby Sister said...

How cute. :) Dogs are the best!!

Michele said...

Nothing like a sweet dog at your side!

Michele said...

Nothing like a sweet dog at your side!

Jill said...

He looks like a sweetheart! Dropping by to see how you are doing? Been crazy busy here but have managed to put a couple posts on and get caught up. Girls are back to school so I have a little extra time. Hope all is well!! Have a great Monday!


E. Jane said...

Wilbur looks like a sweetheart. Enjoy him, as I know he enjoys having you in his life.