Sunday, June 8, 2014

Summer is here….

It has been an awesome summer so far. One camping trip in, garden is in, flowers are growing, 2 new summer jobs – one is at a mini golf course, and it’s sunny and warm and ….. well it’s summer and I am happy.
I hope you all are having an awesome season, no matter what one you’re in. Take care and God Bless!!


Kyra said...

The warm weather IS wonderful, isn't it?

Baby Sister said...

Yay for summer and garden and summer jobs!! Enjoy your warmth. :)

Michele said...

Looks like things are going well for you. Slow start this year to gardening, but the fruits of our labor will be be here before we know it.

Sunshine's Heart said...

Spending the summer trying to stay cool here. Jasmine is coming over tonight and we are planning to camp out in the backyard once the rain has passed. I'm glad you are having a great summer. Hugs.