Thursday, November 15, 2012

Look what I learned to make today….and….


Wired wrapped beaded rings. I made 5 today. The picture are in the order I made them except I made a really pretty pink one that fit Kim perfectly so she has that one. Each one is a bit tighter and more in shape and I am loving them so I am going to see if I can make a few more to add to our beading adventure for crafts shows. Now of course I really don’t think I could of figured this out myself, well maybe but why when I found the perfect site which is amazing in teaching just how to do it. Check this out....


This fur ball has been eating all my sunflower seeds right outside my kitchen window. I didn’t have to zoom in to get this picture so you can guess I could just reach out and touch him, if I wasn’t afraid he’d eat me too.

I have a funny to share with you….now it wasn’t funny at all when it happened but in telling it to Mike and hearing him roar with laughter I have to share it with you.

I got this picture from dogpile images because I wanted you to see where the back of the bus is in height because …. well the beginning. Today I drove another drivers bus back to the shop for some maintenance and it’s the same as my bus, or so I thought. Taking the bus back up to the school I had to go potty, I was 5 minutes early so plenty of time to stop at the Holiday station and go in and do my thing. Like always you shut the bus off, take the keys with you and shut the door, but not tight. The door on my bus doesn’t close easily so I never have to worry about locking myself out, if you shut it to hard it latches… Dewey’s bus did to me. Once the door is shut and latched you can not open it from the outside. So guess what this sorta short, not to skinny bus driver had to do? I had to open up the back door, in a parking lot with lots of people and get myself in the bus. There is no ladder, no step, no handles…nothing to help haul my behinder up there. Can you imagine seeing this rump trying to get into the back of the bus? I grabbed the seat legs, and it a good thing they are bolted down, and pulled and wiggled and scuffed myself up….but I got into the bus, I did not look around….I didn’t want to see anyone rolling on the ground laughing at me and shut the door, started the bus and left. I’m betting it’ll be a little bit before I stop at the gas station to go potty and I’m betting I’ll never shut Dewey’s bus door like mine. My knees and elbows looking like a little kid that fell off his bike. OUCH!!!

It’s a good thing it’s Friday tomorrow. I’m pooped and tomorrow is my longest day, 4 bus runs, 1 work out and a dinner out with my friend. I’ll leave at 5:50 am and get home sometime after 8:00 pm. Then it’s the weekend and I am not going or doing anything I don’t want to do on Saturday. I can clean, if I feel I have too…I can do the laundry, if we need underwear… I can work outside, if the sun is shinning and it’s 50* or better …. or I can sleep in late, putz some and take a nap and fix dinner and go to bed early and be ready for a fun filled Sunday of grocery shopping and unloading another ton of coal.

Take care my friends and have an awesome evening. Blessings!!


Jillian said...

I always think you make some of the cutest things. I know you're looking for other ways to supplement your income...have you thought about opening an etsy shop? I think you could sell a lot there.

upinthecosmos said...

Love the rings! Great bus story too, still giggling a little I have to be honest:-)

Debsdailylife said...

LOVE those rings!!!!
And I LOVE the bus story!! I bet you made someones day!! And Id be lying if I said I didnt giggle. NOT AT you, but at your descriptive writing!
I hope you have a wonderful Saturday and can enjoy some Julie time!!

Caron said...

Awe, I probably would have needed a boost to accomplish that so you did great!

Love the rings. :)

Sunshine's Heart said...

Lovely rings, Julie and what a trip that stories is. That sounds like the kind of thing that happens to me all the time.

Empty Nester said...

We have GOT to figure out how to bottle your energy! I can just imagine Mike laughing at your story! You're right, it is one of those that's funny on hind-sight...sorry, couldn't resist! I absolutely LOVE those rings!

deanna said...

I love the rings too. When and where is your craft show?

and still giggling about getting in the bus :)

Hope you enjoyed your weekend. I did/am

Michele said...

Oh, I can just see you wiggling and squiggling to get in that bus. I probably could not have done it. You must have some good arm strength!

Happy Thanksgiving, Julie!

Baby Sister said...

Pretty rings!! That story of you getting locked out of the bus was pretty funny!! I'm glad you shared. I hate when things like that happen to me. I hope you got your relaxing Saturday!!

E. Jane said...

You're a strong lady--getting back into the bus. I doubt tht I could have done it. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!