Monday, November 12, 2012

Good afternoon….

So how are you? What have you been up to? Any great news happening? Are you ready for the holidays that are just around the corner?

Today has already been a long day. I got up at 5:00 to shower and start my day as a bus driver. You know, being a bus driver is awesome. Oh it isn’t easy at all. You try and coral 56 students for 2 or so hours in an 8’x50’ area with no TV, no moving around, quiet talking and no food. But you know, they try…they really do. When I started this bus route I had a sit down talk with most of the students and told them I remember riding the bus for 2+ hours twice a day and I know just how hard it is to be good and I don’t expect them to be perfect I just expect them to listen when I talk and respect each other, the bus and themselves. So far only 1 time have I had to bring in the principle and for that many kids, that many hours and confined, well I am please with them. I have taken to bringing treats about once a month. Not always candy because not everyone can have candy. But super balls, now they love them. Pencils and erasers and the next time stickers. My bus is K-7 so everyone is easy to please. I started taking in toy catalogues, Dirt Bike and Motocross magazines (after taking out the pictures of those girls that make the boys scream) and now coloring pages. I printed out about 25 princess pictures last week and now have a few boys that want to color too so I am working on that now. Anything to make the bus ride safe and happy for everyone, especially me. :o) I drive a 2.5 hour route in the morning, a 2 hour preschool route midday (some days) and then another 2.5 hour route after school. I work 7 hours a day but am gone 12 hours a day. That’s when I….

…have also been making it to the gym 3 times a week and also an extra walk/jog or two on the trails. Each workout is at least an hour a half and though I’m not keeping track of the calories I’ve burned I have done some reading and have learned since I’m only making it 3 times a week, if I do 45 minutes cardio and 30 minutes of weights and 15 minutes of stretching I am doing my body good. Really any movement is good but since I’m there, I’m leaving soaking wet from sweat and smelling like a gym locker. My eating has not be tip top, though it’s not candy and pasta, it’s more oatmeal, cold cereal, fruit for breakfast, sandwich and milk for lunch and …. well supper, it’s hit and miss. I don’t always eat and sometimes it’s a salad or maybe it’s mac and cheese (yes I know, why exercise if I’m going to eat crap….well because at least I’m maintaining right now and after 12 hours a day of working it’s better then the nothing days). I need to plan my menu, this I know and I’m not to good at that but I will just have to do that. We have chicken now after butchering them last week (and I did skin them so it’s good for us chicken without the nummy but bad for me skin) so it’s time to make some soup, a big batch of chicken/veggie broth soup.

I have my daycare wee one once a week on Wednesday and have been taking her to the library for story time. It is so much fun watching her and the other little ones play and dance and sit to listen to stories. After that we go over to Kim’s for lunch and a visit. This is of course between my am/pm bus route.

My cleaning job of the million dollar cabin is really an unique experience. I live in a single wide remodeled trailer that fits in the livingroom of this cabin. It is such a wonderful place and the owners are awesome and just for a few hours I get to just see how the other half lives and plays. I do have to say that these people are the coolest and nicest people and are very considerate of how I feel and how I’m doing. I think this cleaning will work out awesome. It is however a lot of work and nothing to spend 4 hours at a shot just keeping it clean.

I also have another cleaning job, it’s a dance/meeting hall with a dining room/kitchen and a couple storage rooms.  This is just a once a month job in the winter since it’s only partly heated and you now it gets cold in Minnesota. Mike has held his eagle project here and a couple other get together and I think when Mike graduates from college we just might have a get together just cuz we can.

I cook/bake from my husbands store 2-3 times a week. Nothing expensive or elaborate but filling and tasty. Hot dishes, soups and breads, desserts.

Each of these jobs pays me enough to keep Mike in groceries and gas and I went and bought myself a pair of Nike running shoes. I had the Kohl’s 30% off coupon so got myself a new pair. I wore them today …. well they put my feet asleep. Maybe my feet will get use to them? Hopefully. We’ll see. It is what I have and it is what I’ll be wearing.

I just wanted you to know what’s up and how things are going. I know this was a bit long…..heck really to long for a post but I had things to share with you.

Life is busy, it’s suppose to be, I’m not to old yet not to be doing all of this. And when it’s time to relax I am hoping for grandbabies to keep me busy (read that Mike, one day a couple grandbabies….no hurry…I can’t retire for another 15 years or so). Life is good, life is grand.

Praying for everyone I’ve been reading that has major/minor issues happening. I’m sorry for the divorce, I’m sorry for the loss of friends and families, I’m sorry for the weather related badness, I’m sorry that life isn’t good for some. It won’t always be hard, I know this…been there, done that…but remember there are people out here praying for you, I am.

Take care my friends and have an awesome afternoon. 20 minutes before I head back to the bus. Gotta finish printing out some coloring pages. I wonder how they’d do with word puzzles?


Oh, my nephew is turning 18 on Friday. Happy Birthday Scott. I love you so very much and am so very, very proud of you.


Jillian said...

It sounds like you've got a lot going on, but you're hanging in there! I'm glad things are going well.

Baby Sister said...

Very busy, and full schedule. You're doing good, Julie. I hope your shoes will get more comfortable as time goes on. Thanks for the update. :)