Thursday, August 4, 2016


What the hell happened? When did I lose my cooking and baking skills? I use to be able to whip up just about anything I set my mind to and have a decent meal. NOT TODAY!!!! The muffins are as flat as a pancake and tasteless.

Retry in bread instead....well it rose but taste wise, sorta flat like the pancakes. 

I made a chicken cold salad, it's not my best either. Hoping it gets better as it sits in the fridge. 

Since daycare has left I haven't been spending much time creating, well I am going to have to change that because I love working in my kitchen. I love feeding good things to everyone. The muffins, they are set out for the birds....wonder if they'll eat them. The bread, well we'll use honey butter on it or something. The cold salad, it's'll slide down no matter what but my taste buds won't be happy. 


Blessings my friends.


Empty Nester said...

Oh, girl! I'm laughing but not at you. With you. Because I go through these phases when nothing turns out right or turns out ok but not so good on the taste. It'll pass. :)

Karen said...

I switched over to cooking (sautee, Instant pot, grilling) only meat and veggies, with oils like coconut, olive oil, etc (I'm dairy free) and stopped baking.

Anyhoo, I found that cooking rather than baking helps me keep my glucose nice and low and I can batch cook for the week. Tasty, fresh, good flavors. I ended up giving away my baking utensils. Don't miss them.

Good luck and here's to getting your cooking groove back. Karen P.

Baby Sister said...

I hate when I have bad baking days in the kitchen. It's not fun. I'm sorry Julie! I hope you have better luck next time!

Lowcarb team member said...

It happens to us all.
Hope you've had some better baking days again ... I'm sure you have.

All the best Jan

Angela Pea said...

LOL...I pretty much know my way around a kitchen...I made biscuits a while back that came out of the oven like ROCKS. Boys took them outside and whacked them into the Lower 40 with ball bats. I hope the coyotes enjoyed them!