Saturday, February 14, 2015


You know, I’ve started this post a dozen times but I just don’t know what to tell you. I am positive you don’t want to hear about the hardships that comes with aging parents because some of you have it worse. I am sure you don’t want to hear about Mike and how awesome he is because you’ve heard it before. I am positive you don’t want to hear I can’t lose weight because …. well I’m not doing it right. I am sure you don’t want to hear about bus driving, coal shoveling, Minnesota weather, my dog illness.

But you see, I don’t write just for you…I write for me too so I’m going to write and if you want to you can read or comment, or you can delete or ignore or whatever tickles you pick. Because, even though I love hearing from you and knowing others are out there, I need to look back some day in life and remember.

My daddy is awesome. IMG_20150103_112521923 Every single day he tries his best to take care of mama and I. My mama, she works hard every single day to try and understand daddy and to keep him safe. As for me, I work hard trying to keep them both happy, taken care of and ahead. There are not enough hours in the day to take care of them, my family and myself and of course my grandma, friends and working. But I do the best I can and let the Lord take care of what I can’t. Or at least watch over it while I’m working on or with something else.

Mike is working and enjoying it and making a living. IMG_20150205_110158721_HDR He bought himself a new to him 2007 pick up. Mike's truckHe and I spent the afternoon together visiting some friendsIMG_20150214_155159904  and doing a little bit of shopping. He still not a good cook or even good at planning meals but with a little help here and there he’s learning.

My elderly gentleman that I take care of, George, wanted to bake bread the other day. IMG_20150130_101220913_HDR He used to make 5 loaves of bread a week and has been talking about it for a couple of weeks. So one day we made bread. Of course it was a cold Minnesota day so by time it was time for me to leave to drive bus it wasn’t ready to bake but his nephew baked it later and they said it was awesome. So once George is settled in his new home we’ll make some more.

IMG_20150210_110304218 Minnesota weather. It really has been a very different winter here. We’ve had the most mild winter I remember. Except for when it’s cold, than it’s very cold like today and tomorrow. 15-30 below. And last week we got about 6” of snow. Now nothing compared to our friends to the east though.

IMG_20150213_145705084_HDR Yesterday I took a fan bus to the Target Center. Both my towns, Aitkin and Crosby-Ironton schools, have an amazing dance teams and both teams made it to state finals. IMG_20150213_173545747_HDRIMG_20150213_174920934_HDR

IMG_20150211_134216260 I told Mike that he couldn’t afford to buy me flowers this year. He has always, for as long as he’s been working, sent me flowers for Valentine’s. Last year he sent me the big teddy and a small bouquet of roses. This year he sent me the little teddy with Michael on it and a card that says …. you said you didn’t want flowers. I love my son!!!!

So for now, that is my life. Well really there’s lots more but even if I ever get a chance to re-read my post there is only so much time. If you’ve stayed long enough to read this, you are really awesome. If you skipped it to the end, well that’s okay too cuz you stayed a bit anyways. If you clicked delete, that’s okay too.

I hope you all had an awesome Valentine’s day. I got to spend it with Mike, friends, my parents, my grandma and her sister and a quiet evening with Jim. It was a wonderful day here.

Take care and have a blessed Sunday. Remember, even when life really stinks there are more things to be thankful for than you can count. I’m learning this.


Running Stitches said...

This was a lovely post and you sound very content, even if things aren't totally going your way....

Thanks for sharing a small part of your life.

Sarah G said...

Take care of yourself too Julie. You're such a wonderful person who does so much for others you deserve it.

Empty Nester said...

trust me when I say that you do way more than most when it comes to caring for aging parents. You actually do more than most people when it comes to life! I'm sure the stress of trying to take of and please so many people is taking a great toll on you. Which is not helping with the weight loss. It hinders mine as well. Although, in my case, so does the eating all the wrong things in great quantities. Ha!

Jill said...

I enjoy visiting you and reading about your life and getting to know you! :-) We have had lots of snow and I am so ready for Spring!! Hope you have a wonderful week and keep writing for you! It's wonderful to look back and read.


Kyra said...

It's your blog, you write whatever you want! :)

Lowcarb team member said...

Amazing post Julie I enjoyed reading it from beginning to the end. You are a special person .....

Do take care, and as always I wish you,

All the best Jan

Jason Hayes said...

It's awesome that you haven't stayed away from your commitments to our elderly. They are such honorable citizens and they deserve our special assistance and care for all the stuff that they have contributed to our society. That is a civic action on your part, and a proudest moment each and everyday. Stay strong! Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you!

Jason Hayes @ DECO

Baby Sister said...

You write about whatever you want, Julie. It's your blog. :) You're a good daughter, wife, mom, granddaughter, friend, etc. You will be blessed for doing all that you do to take care of everyone else. Just keep taking care of yourself as well.
Mike has an awesome truck!! That's great.