Friday, April 4, 2014

Changes …

March 11th my heart broke. Last August Mike, my son, was hired at my bus garage as a diesel mechanic. It seemed to be his calling and he loved his job. He worked well with the bus drivers and the boss. I loved seeing him every single day a couple times a day. He would leave me treats in my bus, he’s leave me drive careful, I love you notes, my bus has never ran or worked better. But life changed, our bus garage couldn’t afford a full time mechanic and he was let go. No warnings, no real reasons just called into the office at noon time, after he worked 1/2 day, told that he was done…pick up your tools, here’s your paycheck. That was it, did done over with. Now my heart broke for me but after a few minutes I had to think about Mike, he loved this job, he thought this was it….his home job, a life time job. His heart was broken, he felt worthless, just felt like crap. Once a decision is made by your place of work it’s made and can’t be undone so Mike was out. Now put yourself in my shoes, I still work there. I have to work there every single day, seeing everyone every single day and explaining that Mike was let go. He was told he was a good mechanic with great potential but still gone. My bosses are awesome people but for right now I love my job but I don’t love my bosses. I’m not going anywhere’s because I do love my job but right now I just go to work and talk to no one and go home. It’s difficult.

3 weeks of job hunting, tons of resume’s sent out, lots of applications filled out. Lots and lots of miles driven, phone calls and lots of patience and no patience. Mike got a phone call today. He has a job. What is so cool about it is it’s from a company Mike worked for a while ago. The company wrote a recommendation when Mike went off to college and it got him great reviews and more but anyways, they heard Mike was available and contacted Mike with a full time job that starts next Monday. He will be welding, driving forklift and in the near future working on their diesel equipment.  And they didn’t need him to fill out any applications, didn’t want his resume and didn’t want an interview, they know Mike and how hard he works and Mike wants them because they are a great company to work for. All in all, YEAH!!!!

And, because I drive bus I have summers off and that means no job and there’s no way I can live without money for the summer. Up until now I’ve always had daycare but they are all the ages of if they come that’s okay, if they stay home that’s fine too. I asked for some kind of commitment from my daycare parents and none have come up with anything. Now I know this is just the beginning of April and who knows that far in advance but they know I didn’t expect anything written in stone, just an idea. But life is moving forward and so must I so that means another new job for me. So for me I can drive anything, it can have wheels or tracks doesn’t matter. It can be 10’ long or 100’ long so I have been looking and inquiring at many different places and today I got hired as a shuttle driver from Brainerd to Minneapolis. It’s mostly for the Minneapolis airport but there are other runs in there too. So I know now during the school year I will have weekend and school vacation employment and a full time job for the summer. I am happy and a bit sad that I have to work all the time and still have time for my family that needs me. I make it work, I fit it all in and my mama watches me and tells me when it’s time to slow down or take a day. She sees things in me that I can’t see or feel right away and though it’s really hard to explain she’s always right about this and I’ve learn to almost always listen. So all in all, another YEAH!!!

So now you know why I haven’t been around much lately, there just hasn’t been time to take to write a decent post. There’s still so much happening with everything else but for now I am going to enjoy the fact that we are all employed and that bills will get paid. The worry of a car going down the road because we didn’t make the payments, or getting those nasty phone calls you forgot to pay this, or driving by the grocery store when you know you need something but there just isn’t enough to stop and get it so you make due. Now I know very well that there isn’t the extra money to just go buy a pair of shoes or go out to eat just because but I can handle that, the necessary's are taken care of and that makes breathing a bit easier.

I have another post to write about …… well health. But for now, for this weekend we’ll bask in the sunlight of two down, a whole bunch to go.

I hope you all have a blessed and awesome weekend. My last Saturday to sleep in and just be so am going to sew a little bit, maybe bead a bit, take a nap and do a bit of planning ahead for next week.

Take care my friends!!!


BeckyAnne said...

So happy for Mike, and so happy for you. I know you're thinking about all the hours of work, but Minnesota is beautiful in the spring.

And my parents used to live in Brainerd and travel to the airport, and how I wish you would have been driving the shuttle then! Much, much less worry on my part knowing that someone caring and careful would be their driver.

God bless.

E. Jane said...

I'm happy that Mike found a good job, and that you're all set for the summer. You amaze me with your talents, Julie. You can do so many things that I could never begin to do. I will be waiting for your next post, and I hope all is well.

Kyra said...

I'm sorry he lost his job, but happy he found another!

Julie said...

BeckyAnne, I would of taken very good care of your parents. You know, my new boss talked about how he felt I would be great with the customers. That is awesome to feel.
E.Jane, thank you! Growing up on a small farm taught me many things and than marrying a man that knows so much has made life busy but awesome.
Kyra, me too!

Sarah G said...

So happy for you both!! ((hugs))

Baby Sister said...

I'm sorry about your situation at work, but I'm so glad Mike found another job!!